A Chance to Shine

"You get one chance to shine" the voice echoes inside her mind. 13 year old Sabitha goes on M-factor for a dare but when she performs her talent is revealed will she show the world who she really is. For the M-factor competition.


1. Shining

I stood weakly on the stage numb fear terrorised me, pulling me away then looked into the eyes of a million people all looking at me wondering is she the one. I felt really nervous, scared even I had got into all this mess because of one stupid dare and I dumbly had ridiculous agreed to it. The light shone over my face and I held my guitar comfortably staring at the judges the judges were the ones and the audience who made my chance here possible. I was terrified what if these judges hated me especially Simon I had seen enough TV programs to see that Simon could indeed be scary. I remember what my mother told me he's a big meanie she would say watching him yell at some poor kid. I took a deep breath and smiled nervously remembering that I had to try my best. I looked at the stage the lights were pretty and the people where they looked excited to see if I was good or bad, waiting for my performance I guessed. I guess it's hard to say how I feel excited, scared all at the same time put together, not a good feeling.

"What's your name" Simon asked in a gruff voice looking at me.

"Sabitha" I replied.

"And how old are you" Simon asked.

"13" I mumbled. Simon scribbled something on his notepad probably that I was young and talentless like he said to many others I was just like the others.

"Ok, the stage is yours" Simon exclaimed.

I took a deep breath and tried to speak nothing came out I took a deep breath it's just nerves I reminded myself I can do it I repeated in my head.

"You get one chance to shine" a voice shouted in my mind. I took a deep breath and started playing my guitar.

"I've got something,

something to say.

I feel this is going to be that day,

the day I shine, the day I rise from the ocean above,

I can, I can make anything happened "

I started singing also playing the guitar and looked at everyone watching me. After I finished performing I looked at everyone no claps nothing everyone was staring at me then a round of applause began I smiled I did it I had performed and people liked it, they actually like what I did. I looked at the judges smiling and crossed my fingers.

"That was fabulous girl, you have a talent and this is the stage for you to shine" a woman exclaimed.

"I agree Linda, you girl have got a talent I can't believe your only 13, it's a yes from me" a man replied.

"Well girl your fantastic, and if there's going to be someone that's going to win it's you" another woman shouted. I looked at Simon nervously it was his vote that mattered I wished he'd like it. I held my breath and closed my eyes.

"Well Sabitha you sang really well and played the guitar beautifully, I really like the way you shine on stage your young, you got a talent it's a yes from me, 4 big yessess your through" Simon exclaimed. I opened my eyes and heard the thousands of applauses for me an ordinary girl from London.

"Thank you, Thank you" I replied walking out into the hands of the tv producer. I gave him a big hug and started crying, tears of joy.

"How are you feeling at this moment" the producer asked.

"I feel unbelievable like this is all a dream and I'm going to wake up" I mumble.

"It's not a dream girl take rest and see you in the finals" the producer exclaimed. I nodded my head and walked into my mother's arm and cried of happiness.

"I'm so proud of you Sabitha you made your mother really proud and now I feel that even cancer can't hurt me" my mother mumbles. I looked at my mother cancer was running in her veins she only had a few months to live and in those few months I was going to make her happy.

I was going to win not for myself but for my Mom.

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