A Chance to Shine

"You get one chance to shine" the voice echoes inside her mind. 13 year old Sabitha goes on M-factor for a dare but when she performs her talent is revealed will she show the world who she really is. For the M-factor competition.


6. Results

I walk onto stage nervously, biting my nails consistently  holding Charlie hand, some of the other constants glare at me while others smile nervously.

"I'm going to win" boasted Olivia twirling her blonde hair.

"Good luck, your really good" I replied.

"I don't need luck cause I'm the best" Olivia announced her face proud. I thought of something to tell her, she thought she was so good, god.

"She's not worth it" Charlie whispered in my eyes. I nodded my head, I wasn't going to let her annoy me thought it'd be fun to see her lose.

Suddenly the lights went on. I looked into the eyes of millions,  today I was going to know if I had won and made my mother proud or not. No, I wasn't going to lose, no way.

"Today we are going to announce the winners of M-Factor in 10 seconds" the presenter announced a shiny white envelope in her hand. I bit my nails nervously, then looked at Charlie. He looked confident smiling, his eyes met mine and I blushed embarrassed.







"Good luck" me and Charlie whispered.





"And the winner of M-Factor 2012 is...Sabitha" the presenter announced  Party poppers sprang into  the air, crowds applauded, lights shone on me. I stood there mouth open wide, I won. I own.

"This competition is terrible anyway" Olivia murmured.

"The best wins" Charlie replied.

"I don't care" Olivia shouted walking off.

"spoil sport" Charlie whispered in my ear, I did my best not to laugh.

"How do you feel Sabitha" the presenter asked.

"I can't believe this, it was mine and my mother dream, I'm speechless thank you Charlie" I replied. I felt someone arm on my shoulder. I turned my head to meet Charlie.

"You won" Charlie whispered.

"Thank you Charlie" I replied pressing my lips on his.

I felt him kissing back then smiled. I saw my mother standing there, her face in a massive grin, she had her thumbs up. Well done, I'm so proud of you she whispered. I smiled, tears trickled from my eyes. I wiped my eyes and knew my mother had seen this. I knew in my heart that she was so proud of me.

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