A Chance to Shine

"You get one chance to shine" the voice echoes inside her mind. 13 year old Sabitha goes on M-factor for a dare but when she performs her talent is revealed will she show the world who she really is. For the M-factor competition.


3. Mommy

I sat there singing looking at myself in the mirror when I heard a high pitched terror scream. I ran hastily my heart pounding rapidly. I ran downstairs to see my mom lying on the floor, she was breathing slowly, blood poured from her mouth. I picked her hand up and started crying tears dropped from my face to her's, she couldn't leave me, not now she had to be there for me forever.

"Mom" I screamed crying holding her no, not my mum.

"Sabitha cancer is winning" my mum whispered.

"No mum you can't let cancer win" I shouted shaking her as my mum started closing her eyes.

"It's too late baby" my mum rasped in a throaty voice.

"Mommy I need you Mommy please don't go Mommy" I screamed tapping 999 on my phone.

"Hello this is Sabitha from Lysdevale my mom is dying she has cancer. quickly.11 Dans road, I need help please come" I screamed.

"Calm down please remain calm the ambulance is coming" the operator replied.

"You tell me to flipping calm down my mum is dying come quickly" I screamed. I ran back to my mum and held her in my arms.

"Mum the ambulance is coming, please hold on" I cry.

"Baby it's too late, remember I love you win the M-Factor for me" my mum squealed.

"No mum I need you I can win without you" I wailed.

"Baby you can do this, you have a talent" my mum whispered.

"Mum please don't leave me I'll leave the M-Factor just for you to be ok" I replied crying.

"Baby no you can do it without me" my mum argued.

"Please mum be ok" I cried waiting for the ambulance to come.

"Bye baby I love you, you can do it" my mum mumbled then closed her eyes.

"Mommmmmmmmmmmmmy" I wailed crying like a baby, crying my hearts worth, it hurted so much. The woman next door opened the door and looked alarmed to see me a young girl staring at her dead mother.

"It's too late she's gone" the next door neighbour exclaimed trying to hold me.

"It's ok sweetie" the woman next door lied.

"No Mommy  I cried watching my mother her skin turned grey, her eyes lifeless her beautiful blonde hair all dry and limp. I tried to get out of the woman grasp and go and see my mother.

"She's gone, may her soul rest in peace" the woman whispered and I screamed in pain and agony my mother was dead. My mother even after my father ran away with a waitress I had my mother she filled the gap in my heart and now she was gone. I would never see her smile at me and I would never get a hug from her she's gone my mother the one who I was in the M-Factor for gone in one minute and yelled. I curled up in a ball and sobbed tears shaking in despair.

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