Survival of the Pyschoes

It’s a man eat man world in high school but armed with her kooky friends to help her stay sane, Alana might just survive the survival of the psychos.

It's every girl for herself...


4. Chapter 4


Love is like a rollercoaster…

sometimes you get lucky…

other times you get a rock thrown

through your window…


Guess who just woke me up to proclaim his love for me?

Don’t guess…It was Theo.

There I was, sleeping the red nose off of Rudolph when I heard a ‘clink’ on my window. I raised my head and listened, there it is again, ‘clink’. I got up and headed to the window. No sign of the mysterious clinking, I returned to my bed (particularly annoyed), when suddenly, the sound of breaking glass richoted throughout the room. I turn to see shattered pieces of glass on the floor and a gaping hole in my window. A rock, which is most obviously the culprit, is lying at my feet.

I hear cursing as I approach the window, at the bottom, a bedraggled Theo stands, holding a soggy rose.

“What?!” I snapped, “What is it you want?”

“Someones in a bad mood, eh?” he smiles cheekily,

“Well I damn well have a right too, you just broke my window!”

“And?” He asked innocently,

“And I’m probably going to get grounded for months because of you!”

Theo looked down and shuffled his feet a bit, “So I guess that means you won’t be allowed to come ice skating with you then?”

“Why would I want to anyways?” I retorted carelessly,

I looked down to see Theo’s disheartened face,

“I’ll be on my way then” he replied before turning to walk away from my window,

“Wait Theo” I shouted after him, “I didn’t mean it!”

He stopped and turned back to me,

“I didn’t mean it like that, forgive me?” I asked,

“Of course, I couldn’t get mad at my girlfriend!”

“What?! I didn’t say I was going to…”

“You said you didn’t mean your ‘no’ to ice skating so that means ‘yes’! Right”

“Wrong!  I’m not your girlfriend!”

“Okay” he mumbled, “Not yet anyways”


“Nothing” he replied quickly,

“So I’m forgiven, yes?”

“Yeah but I’d forgive you even more if we kissed…”

“Don’t push it” I interrupted.

“Sorry” he apologized quickly.

“So is there any chance you will come skating with me?”

“0.0000000001% yes”

“So that’s a maybe?”


“It’s not a maybe? It’s a yes then?”

“No it’s a no”

“it’s not a no…so it’s a maybe?”

“Goodnight Theo” I smiled and closed my window, I jumped in bed again and closed my eyes, this time determined to make it until morning.

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