Survival of the Pyschoes

It’s a man eat man world in high school but armed with her kooky friends to help her stay sane, Alana might just survive the survival of the psychos.

It's every girl for herself...


3. Chapter 3


I always feel like,

Somebody’s watching me…


I stayed up reading for ages. The next time I looked at my clock, it was half past ten. I pulled my curtain back and looked out the window. There was a dark figure sitting on my back garden wall. Normally, I would be freaked out by this but I guess I’m still traumatized by the fact that I just spotted my mum doing zumba on my front lawn in hareem pants…Don’t ask…

My seven year old sister is putting my cat’s tail in her mouth but he doesn’t seem to mind it so I won’t intervene...It’d all end in tears…my tears, to be exact.

The atmosphere is silent except for the loud clacking of my dad working on his typewriter.

Yes that’s right, I said typewriter.

And that’s not the worst part…Oh no no no, the worst part is he is an IT consultant; consulting others about the ins and outs of computers and technology…And he doesn’t even have a computer!

My big sister, Keisha burst in and started screaming at me for leaving her straighteners on because they burnt a hole through her coursework.

Well, religious educations is meant to be hole-y!

See? This is what tiredness does to me! Makes me think up LAME jokes!

I listened again; the typewriter had finally stopped. Thank God!

Now I can finally sleep in peace….Oh how I want to believe it’s possible to do that in my crazy family house…

Keisha just burst in again saying I have to rewrite her paper. The paper she just handed me is apparently her burnt coursework. It’s blank accept from two words, Comparing Beliefs, i.e…the title. She didn’t do any coursework but the straighteners incident is just a ploy to get out of writing her essay.

I didn’t have the strength nor enough anti-eye bag cream to argue with her so I just took the paper and told her I’d do it tomorrow. And never one to lie, I was going to do it but customizing it won’t do any harm, will it?

I dived into my bed and closed my eyes. Boy was I tired….

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