Survival of the Pyschoes

It’s a man eat man world in high school but armed with her kooky friends to help her stay sane, Alana might just survive the survival of the psychos.

It's every girl for herself...


2. Chapter 2



Sitting at the dinner table

watching my sister eat.


My sister had already started eating when I reached the table. Mum slid my bowl of noodles over and I started eating. I looked up at my little sister, Jess, who was eating wildly.

Jess is only seven years old yet she eats like she’s been raised by wild gorillas. You should hear her eating her noodles: grinding her teeth; smacking her lips; chomping away in my ear. You know that whole thing about genetic inheritance? From which planet did she inherited her habits??

I looked away hurriedly before I damaged my eyes. When I finished my dinner, I started up my laptop.

“Alana, put that thing away” My dad reprimanded,

My parents always addressed my possessions as ‘that thing’ or ‘that mess’, I think it’s their way of showing how much they love me.

“But why?” I whined, “I just want to check my emails”

Dad just looked at me as if to say, ‘Who in their right mind would send you emails?’ but of course he didn’t say that, “It will disrupt your intestines and digestion process”

Bull. Complete, utter bull.

“No it wont” I replied

“Yes it will, I read it somewhere” He defended,

“Where?” I questioned defiantly,

“Just put it away!” He snapped,

I slammed the lid down and walked away, he was always doing this but the reason was obvious…it’s just revenge for the fact I didn’t turn out a boy.

I clambered up the stairs and trudged into my room.

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