Survival of the Pyschoes

It’s a man eat man world in high school but armed with her kooky friends to help her stay sane, Alana might just survive the survival of the psychos.

It's every girl for herself...


1. Chapter 1


High school is like a wedgie,


It’s a pain up the ass…


It’s the first day back from the summer holidays and already the teachers have shoved homework and projects down our throats. You’d think they’re trying to make us make up the six weeks of relaxation. Or utter boredom in my case. Mrs. Hurst gave us some sad old project to do called, ‘A New You’.  We have to write in this booklet about our life so far, our dreams and aspirations and who we want to be or what we’d like to change about ourselves.

It’s pretty stupid if you think about it.

The cover has a picture of a poorly drawn stick man, which they obviously had to bring in professional artists for. The first page says, ‘A New You’

What is your name?

I filled the space and carried on reading

This booklet is all about you. This is split into three sections;  who you think you are, who you really are and who you’d like to be. Throughout this booklet you will find pages full of questions but you will also find blank pages. On these pages, write down any thoughts, any events or use it as a diary even. But first, let’s start with who you are now…

Describe yourself in one sentence…

Describe myself in one sentence. That’s a hard one. You see I’m funny, cheeky, kind, pretty, not to mention humble but if I had to sum it up, I’d say I’m one of a kind. I’m individual, unqiue and I can safely say there is NO ONE on Earth that you can compare to me. Alana Carson. Remember the name…

I wrote all of this down,

What’s your biggest fear in life?

I screwed up my face in thought but gave up and shut the book. That’s enough for today, I thought. Besides, I could smell something go-od coming from the kitchen.

I jumped up from my bed and descended downstairs.

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