The Hunted

Damen is a Hunter; a person pledged to protecting the humans from the horrors lurking in the Woods. Very few take on this challenge as it requires soltitude, agility and years and years of training. But how can a Hunter have a secret like his?

Lupa is the Hunted. She lives with her Pack in the Woods, her Alpha the legendary Big Bad Wolf. She has been brought up to kill. Hurt. Inflict pain. Be a monster. But does Lupa want that? And can she follow in the footsteps of mysterious Lone Wolf Dax?

The people are scared. Word has spread that the Hunted are rebelling. Will Lupa join her race in their bid for freedom, or sacrifice everything to be with the one she loves? How can Damen help the humans when he has such a huge secret to hide? Will he follow his head or heart?


1. Lupa - Disgrace

The wolves that stood in a perfect circle ranged from vast, muscular creatures about a metre in height to scrawny, long-legged dogs. They each held one obvious quality, though. Their thick winter fur was white; from dirty, mud-caked shades to bright, blinding ivory. The darkness of the night sky reflected in their amber eyes, giving each and every one of them a sinister appearence. The damp ground reverberated with the snarls which came from deep in their stomachs, saliva dripping from their bared fangs. A single wolf cowered in the centre, whining instead of snarling and trying as hard as it could to pretend it wasn't there. Its eyes, a glittering, jewel blue, flicked from face to familiar face, finding it hard to believe how her family and friends could turn on her like this. She could make out her parents, side-by-side, her mother snarling and snapping like she didn't know who the wolf in the centre was, her father drawn back into the shadows, his eyes a mixture of sorrow and regret. He seemed to be the only one who wasn't trying to kill her. The wolf whimpered, her belly pressed firmly to the floor and her ears flicked back in a sign of fear and submission. The circle of wolves crept ever closer, their intention obvious. Kill. Hurt. Torture. Maim. Usually, at this time of evening, their muzzles would be stained red and blood would be dripping from their fangs. The absence of this was reason enough to kill this female. The young wolf closed her eyes, finally resigning herself to whatever greusome fate that would become of her. The snarls and barks of the wolves grew louder, their patience thinning, the hunger which was slowly spreading its way through the pack becoming over-powering. She knew she was going to die tonight, at the hands of her own people.


Suddenly, it all stopped. The growls subsided, the wolves grew still and their bloodlust was cut short. An incredibly muscled white male walked through the trees, his single blood-red eye glowing furiously. The other had long been gouged out, a thick gash in the place where an eyeball would be. His fur was a dirty white yet dripping wet, small droplets of water falling to the floor with every movement. He towered easily over the rest of the wolves, around five or six feet high. This wolf was not natural. The rest of the wolves instantly cowered at his feet, their anger replaced by mindless worship. He brushed them aside with an irritable ease, though, his gaze fixed on the wolf who was, seconds ago, about to become this pack's dinner. She lay before his, whining like mad and licking his paws. "Get off me, you disgusting creature!" he snarled, his voice filled with venom. The wolf jumped away, whimpering. "Lupa Diablo Zafron Wolfe, you have commited a crime which demands a huge penalty. You refused to kill a human - you refused to hunt our meal - you shunned your heritage and your teachings. You deserve to die. You are a disgrace. You should be outcast, and become a loner." Lupa sobbed silent tears of regret as she heard her life set before her, her whole existance summed up before her. What was she, really, truly? A disgrace.

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