Poems by A.E.J

This is poems written by me. I'm not sure if they're good, but I love writing them, so I feel like it doesn't matter. I hope you enjoy reading them, and that you understand what they are actually telling, even though that might be really hard. Sometimes I don't even understand them myself. I just write them on a piece of paper. The words coming from my head. Or is it my heart? | Some of these poems will be translations from my danish poemcollection or at least inspired by them . . .


9. When life dies

I think everyone is wondering: What will come after death?

I have thought of that a lot too, but I haven't got any farther

We shouldn't think of it; I have been told that many times

We won't find the answer anyway, so why don't just give up?

Nothing will come after death, that is the logical answer


We keep thinking of this silly, but complicated, question

That I think should actually be a diffrent question

What we all want to know, is something else than what comes after death

I think instead it is: When I die, will I ever live again?

That's what we're all afraid of; to never wake up


So this poem would be magnificent, if it ended with an answer

Then I would have answered the impossible

But I can tell you already: that won't happen

I intend to end this another way, like anyone else could have done

But I am the one doing it now


I tell you this only one time

Believe in something after death

Believe in life when the world turns black

That is my most true and important advice

That is the one, that will keep you alive

While you are still living


I never really liked logic anyway

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