Poems by A.E.J

This is poems written by me. I'm not sure if they're good, but I love writing them, so I feel like it doesn't matter. I hope you enjoy reading them, and that you understand what they are actually telling, even though that might be really hard. Sometimes I don't even understand them myself. I just write them on a piece of paper. The words coming from my head. Or is it my heart? | Some of these poems will be translations from my danish poemcollection or at least inspired by them . . .


3. Split

I'm missing you everyday

And everybody says

You lost him - okay

But that's not how I feel

I felt like this was real

So why can't you see

That we are meant to be

'Cause I love you

And you love me

So why can't we be



Not you

Not me

But we

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