Poems by A.E.J

This is poems written by me. I'm not sure if they're good, but I love writing them, so I feel like it doesn't matter. I hope you enjoy reading them, and that you understand what they are actually telling, even though that might be really hard. Sometimes I don't even understand them myself. I just write them on a piece of paper. The words coming from my head. Or is it my heart? | Some of these poems will be translations from my danish poemcollection or at least inspired by them . . .


6. Not a love letter

Dear friend


Sometimes in the evening when I think of you

All I can think of is if you ever think of me too

I don't want this to in your head just be gone

I will always remember and I hope you will from now on


You made me go through so much pain

"Do it because you love me, please Jane?"

When you said that, I had no choice

I would do anything just to hear your voice


But also you made me happy every day

"You're so beautiful" was all you had to say

Then I let you do whatever you wanted to me

I thought we would forever together be


I was stupid and naive and I know that now

You used me and I ended up how?

Probably you would like to know - and I will tell

'Cause when you left me my life was hell


Our fairy tale started also with 'once upon a time'

But it didn't end up with wedding chime

I did my best to find myself again 

And at last I really did, my friend


Now I'm back and strong as before

I think I've actually grown to more

So what wanted I to tell you with this letter?

Only that I feel so much better


Don't blame yourself

For making my life a hell

Even though it's your fault

'Cause you made me learn after all


Love - hate - Jane 





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