Poems by A.E.J

This is poems written by me. I'm not sure if they're good, but I love writing them, so I feel like it doesn't matter. I hope you enjoy reading them, and that you understand what they are actually telling, even though that might be really hard. Sometimes I don't even understand them myself. I just write them on a piece of paper. The words coming from my head. Or is it my heart? | Some of these poems will be translations from my danish poemcollection or at least inspired by them . . .


8. How to write a poem

How to write a poem 

That's a recipe I would really like to know

'Cause when I write

I often feel like it is just all wrong

It doesn't sound really smart

It doesn't sound crazily complicated

And that makes me doubt

That what I create is actually good

But I guess that shouldn't matter to me

And I guess that it actually doesn't

But right now I must admit

I feel stupid in some way

'Cause what kind of poem is this?

It doesn't look like a poem

This is my thoughts written in a lot of lines

Instead of in a context

But isn't that what a poem should really be?

Just free thoughts flying from head to paper

Or should it be from the heart?

I don't know

I just write

Like I think it's supposed to be

And in some way I think

That's how life is supposed to be too

This simple

Don't think to much

Just do

If your head decides everything

Then is it really what you want?

I am confused

But I am that most of the time

In a fantastic world like this

I guess you don't have to understand

Just to be

Not in the past, not in the future, but in the present

In this moment

And I think

That if you can be only here, only now

Then you are the master of life

And you are yourself

And that is exactly what makes you incredible

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