Fall Into My Arms

Everything was going really well for Sophia Adams:

She had a fantastic family and 5 amazing friends who just happened to be in the biggest boy band in the world.

But, her whole world came crashing down on her when she found out that the guy she thought she loved betrayed her.

To make matters worse, she had fallen deeply in love with her best friend; Louis Tomlinson.

How was she ever going to get out of the miserable mess she found herself in?


2. Chapter 2

Sophia and Louis made their way over to Sophia’s house, hand in hand as they would always do, making people think that they were a couple, and even though they acted like it, they had never kissed or anything. Sophia had always thought that their relationship was more of a brother-sister kind of relationship because Louis always protected Sophia; just like a brother would do. But, she couldn’t help but wish that whatever they had was something more, something that Sophia could put a name on; to tell people that he was hers, and only hers. When they arrived at Sophia’s house, Louis took his usual place; rummaging through the cupboards for something to cook for the both of them. Louis was a really good cook, even though he thought he wasn’t; Sophia regularly getting him to cook for her, so it was just the two of them. She watched him eagerly as he grabbed a few bits and pieces while putting pot on the stove to head water. She was purely intrigued by the way he knew his way around the kitchen.

Sophia decided to go for a hot bubble bath; preparing for her date in a couple of hours while Louis prepared the food.
‘Lou, I’m going for a bath, okay?’ Sophia called to Louis from the doorway as he stood over the stove.
‘Okie dokie, do you want some company?’ Louis said cheekily.
‘Louis! I think I’ll be okay thanks.’ Sophia said, frowning at Louis’ sudden mischievousness.
‘Well you never know, I might just jump in with you.’ Louis answered back; never once turning from the stove as he continued to prepare the food. Making it hard to know whether he was joking or not.
‘I think I’ve seen you naked more times than is necessary.’ She said, being truthful.
‘Well you know me; I guess I like to be naked.’ Louis said, snickering as Sophia pondered that thought for longer than was necessary. Sophia blushed, remembering the last time she saw Louis naked; it was two nights ago, when he slept over her house. When Louis slept over Sophia's house, he would always sleep in her bed. It was hot that night that they didn't use any covers. Sophia was there in her underwear, a bit embarrassed but she didn’t really care. The next thing she knew, Louis decided to get up and strip all of his clothes off. A red mist descended over her face, she was so embarrassed but he obviously didn’t care, he was so toned so he had nothing to worry about.

Sophia hopped into the huge bubble bath and relaxed a bit, hearing singing coming from the kitchen. She smiled to herself, as Louis got so carried away when he was cooking. Louis was actually an amazing singer and Sophia would happily sit and listen to him sing for hours but he always got a little shy whenever he sang around her. She figured that Louis was just worried that people would say they didn’t like his voice which seemed absolutely crazy to Sophia. Even though Louis was in the biggest boy band in the world; he was still quite insecure about his voice, mainly because of some of the awful people out there that would take great pleasure in hurting people’s feelings.

Sophia closed her eyes and inhaled the sweet scent of lavender that helped her into the relaxed state of mind that she needed right at that moment. Sophia was interrupted when Louis popped his head around the door; making her jump a mile. She managed to hide herself; bringing and she brought her knees up to her chin; wrapping her arms around her legs to cover herself.
‘Louis! Can’t you knock?’ Sophia screamed.
‘Well, I can, but what’s the point, I’ve seen naked women before.’ Louis replied, wriggling his eyebrows at Sophia.
‘Yeah, but you haven’t seen me before!’ She replied, really hoping that he would go away.
‘Come to think of it… I haven’t have I? Perhaps I should get in with you now and take a good look.’ Louis said as he started walking over to the bath, taking his top off; causing Sophia to become extremely shy and uncomfortable.
‘Louis! Please don’t!’ She pleaded nervously, noting the change in Louis’ expression as he could clearly see the embarrassment on Sophia’s face.
‘Oh, I’m sorry Soph.’ Louis said, taking interest in the floor, obviously a bit embarrassed.
‘No, it’s not your fault; I guess I’m just a bit body conscious.’ She replied, relaxing a little but never taking her arms down.
‘What? You’re beautiful and I bet you have an amazing body.’ Louis said looking deeply into Sophia’s beautiful green eyes that showed a hint of worry.

She shook her head in disagreement. She didn’t think so at all! She knew that she wasn’t fat but she had just always felt conscious of her body, especially around Louis. Mainly because she had seen the girls that he had relationships with and they were all stick thin and gorgeous. Sophia believed that she was the complete opposite.
‘Sophia, trust me when I say, you are beautiful and when I do eventually see you naked, I bet I’ll have a job to keep my hands off you.’ Louis said shyly, making Sophia laugh out loud at the thought of anyone wanting her body, let alone the gorgeous guy that stood half naked in front of her.
‘Promise me that you’ll never say that you’re ugly again?’ Louis asked, flashing a comforting smile in her direction, to which she nodded her head to; not really agreeing but she just wanted Louis to be happy.
‘Right, dinner’s nearly ready, and I’ve set the table beautiful.’ Louis said as he made his way to the door.
‘Okay, thanks Lou, I appreciate it, I’ll be out in a minute.’ Sophia said, sinking further into the hot water, sighing loudly as she wished in her head that she could believe everything that Louis had said about her.

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