Fall Into My Arms

Everything was going really well for Sophia Adams:

She had a fantastic family and 5 amazing friends who just happened to be in the biggest boy band in the world.

But, her whole world came crashing down on her when she found out that the guy she thought she loved betrayed her.

To make matters worse, she had fallen deeply in love with her best friend; Louis Tomlinson.

How was she ever going to get out of the miserable mess she found herself in?


1. Chapter 1

As Sophia walked up the driveway to knock on the door of her next door neighbours’ house, Louis Tomlinson; her best friend, came running out like an idiot; sweeping her up into a huge bear hug; his usual greeting to her.
‘Sophia! It’s so good to see you, you look so beautiful.’ Louis gushed.
She blushed, as she always did when Louis complimented her. It was something she could never take control over and she hated it! Sophia was just an ordinary girl; tall and slim with long, wavy brown hair that ended at the bottom of her back. Her favourite feature about herself was her captivating green eyes; almost resembling emeralds when shining in the sunlight. Louis had told her many times that he could just stare into her beautiful eyes for hours and never get tired of how fascinating they were to him. Sophia looked down and analysed herself. She never went over the top with her clothes but still made an effort to look good. She was wearing red coloured skinny jeans and a Marilyn Monroe inspired logo t-shirt, finished off with a black satin blazer. Louis looked amazing as always; wearing a grey jumper that set off his mesmerising blue eyes and cream coloured chinos; fastened with his signature braces that hung comfortably onto his shoulders.

‘Louis, we saw each other last night!’ Sophia exclaimed; still in awe at Louis’ greeting. Louis was the type of person to make a lot of effort when doing things, including his lovely greetings that made everyone feel welcome.
‘Yeah, I know, but I hate not being with you.’ Louis whined jokingly at Sophia; making her giggle out loud.
‘How are you Lou? You seem very excitable today.’ Sophia said as Louis pulled away from her.
‘Really good actually! Are you planning on doing much today?’ Louis asked, suddenly interrupted by a beautiful brunette walking out of Louis’ house.
Louis’ mum, Johannah, walked out of the front door and towards her car; flashing Sophia a big smile, waving along like a fool. Sophia looked on with complete admiration for the older woman; always noting her amazing sense of style. She looked gorgeous; as always, head to toe in a black, wearing a tailored suit that was finished off with a huge splash of pink colour as her silk blouse stood out a mile.

‘Hello Jay!’ Sophia beamed.
‘Hello sweetie pie. Can you two not spend a day without each other?’ She laughed, smirking at Louis, while he looked on in embarrassment. Louis genuinely looked at her as if she’d insulted him; which made Sophia smile at their closeness.
‘Mum, I love her and I would die if I don’t see her every day!’ Louis exaggerated; pulling you tightly to his side, making sure his mother knew that you were ‘his’.
Sophia trembled when he said that he loved her because deep down; she knew that she truly  loved him; not the friendly love that they once shared when they were younger but there was something more now and she really wanted those words to mean so much more to him.
‘Get a grip Sophia! It will never happen between you and Louis. Just be thankful that you have an amazing friend, don’t ruin it!’ Sophia said in her head; scolding herself inwardly.
Jay looked at Louis with surprise, ‘Well, Lou, I hit a nerve there didn’t I baby? You two are honestly joined at the hip.’ She smirked. Sophia looked at Jay and giggled. She was so beautiful, her brown hair touching the middle of her back and her amazing eyes sparkling in the sunlight. Louis was the image of his mum, and he was so perfect with his messy short brown hair and his pale blue eyes like pools of water, so inviting that you could swim in them. Louis laughed and looked over at Sophia, still clinging to her hip while his mum drove off, for work.

Even though Sophia and Louis were ‘just friends’, they acted like a married couple; being in each other’s company most of the time, but they were used to it and it felt ‘normal’ for them to be like that. They had both been friends since Louis had moved next to Sophia when they were both 5 years old. They had grown very close to each other as their mothers did; making it effortless for them to form a strong bond with each other. There was nothing that they wouldn’t tell each other; they were good together. Louis often looked after Sophia; whenever she was bullied at school, Louis was there to fight her corner and she was extremely grateful for having a friend like that.

‘Do you fancy watching a DVD or maybe going to the park?’ Louis offered; knowing his best friend’s weaknesses.
Sophia always loved a day inside the house just watching DVDs while cuddling up to Louis but she also loved a day at the park; somewhere she would always go when she needed to really think about something.
‘I’m not sure Lou; I’ve got a date tonight.’ Sophia said, awkwardly. Even though she did do all the dating stuff; she could still never hide from the fact that she loved Louis.
‘What? Oh, is this the guy that Niall introduced you to? And anyway, I haven’t checked him out yet, to see if he’s fit for my princess.’ Louis said; exaggerating ‘my princess’, almost as if he didn’t want anyone else to have her.

Niall was one of Sophia and Louis' friend’s, along with Zayn, Liam and Harry; all being members of the world famous boy band One Direction. They were all really good friends; meeting each other in school meant that they knew each other for a very long time now. It was like they were a huge family; having so much fun and banter with each other all the time.
‘Yeah, that one. Gosh, you are such a charmer Louis! Anyway, I thought you could come round to mine and chill while I get read; that way, you can grill him when he comes to pick me up.’ Sophia said; offering him a solution.
‘Sounds good to me Soph.’ Louis said teasingly, pulling her in the direction of her house.

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