Over Our Heads

Ivy Johnson hates to look like everyone else; she loves looking different. Ivy doesn't dress is odd clothes, no, she dresses as a hipster, as a trend setter and since her job requires her to make celebrities dress in the newest fashion trend it can be easily be said that she's the best as her job. Maybe that's how she caught the eyes of boy band One Direction, specifically Harry Styles. Harry Styles, known for his cheeky smirk and curly hair, hasn't had a real relationship since Caroline Flack which was well over 5 years ago. Most people thought it was for his bad boy appearance or even management, the truth is Harry believed in love in first sight, but now he just wants to settle down with someone, anyone. When One Direction's head stylist takes leave, Management scrambles to find a new stylist; Ivy Johnson.


8. Wonderwall

"And all the roads that lead you there are winding, and all the lights that light the way are blinding, there are many things that I, would like to say to you but I don't know how."

"I swear to God, if you hit me with one of those penuts one more time, Harry." I hissed at Harry who sat next to me on the plane. The flight from London to Madrid is only 2 hours and 15 minutes but with Harry it's a lifetime.

"But Ivy, this is so much fun." Harry pouted, smirking at me as I rolled my eyes and turned away from him. Pulling out my tablet, I went through all the outfits the boys needed for tomorrow and the following day.

"Psssst, Ivy." Harry whispered into my ear, ignoring his childish ways I went back to sorting the outfits and labeling them.


Why isn't Ivy answering me? Did I make her upset, I was only playing around. I wanted her attention on me, I need her attention.When I saw the picture of her and Niall I was upset, I wanted those pictures with us, with a picture of me kissing her, her eyes shut, her lips touching mine.

"For the love of God, Harry what the hell do you want?" Ivy snapped, turning toward me with her beauitful eyes shining in fury toward me.

"Let's play twenty questions." I said, staring into her eyes.

"Alright, Why are you annoying?" She asked, her eye brow raised.

"Because your responds make me laugh, How many siblings do you have?" I ask, studying Ivy.

"Lavander is my twin, we have six step siblings, three on each side. You?"

"Only Gemma, she's the oldest. Why did you choose being a Stylist?"

"I was good at, I loved it. It's my calling just like your calling is singing. Do you miss it?"

"Miss what?" I asked confused at her question.

"Being common?"

"Sometimes, I miss going out by myself and just being myself without anyone lying about it, but I love the fans. They are the reason I want to get up everyday and keep going. Have you ever been in love?" I watched as Ivy body frozed.

"Once. You?"

"Yes, who?" I wanted to know who was the the guy that made Ivy freeze on the stop on the mention of love. I was so use to a firey woman and to see her in such a state had me upset.

"His name was Alexander, we were young and stupid, barely eighteen. Thought we'll be together forever. Alexander went over to the War,  never came back. Who was she?" Ivy eyes drifted away from my, as if she was remembering everything she and that Alexander did together. It made my blood steam, she suppose to think of that when she hears my name.

"Harry, Ivy. Look." Liam said as he pointed out of the plane window, down below us was Madrid, it's lights brighten the dark sky. It was breath taking, it showed culture mixed with todays society.

 "It's breath taking." Ivy whispers as she peers out into the city light sky. Looking at the girl in front of me, her hair pushed behind one of her ears, her glasses on the brim of her nose.

"Yeah, you are." I said, glazing at Ivy, who turned her stare at me, her cheeks flushed with blush. I was in love with her and she didn't know 

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