Over Our Heads

Ivy Johnson hates to look like everyone else; she loves looking different. Ivy doesn't dress is odd clothes, no, she dresses as a hipster, as a trend setter and since her job requires her to make celebrities dress in the newest fashion trend it can be easily be said that she's the best as her job. Maybe that's how she caught the eyes of boy band One Direction, specifically Harry Styles. Harry Styles, known for his cheeky smirk and curly hair, hasn't had a real relationship since Caroline Flack which was well over 5 years ago. Most people thought it was for his bad boy appearance or even management, the truth is Harry believed in love in first sight, but now he just wants to settle down with someone, anyone. When One Direction's head stylist takes leave, Management scrambles to find a new stylist; Ivy Johnson.


5. Use Somebody

Off in the night While you live it up I'm off to sleep Waging wars to shape the poet and the beat

"Are you sure you can drink that?" Harry asked as two vodka shots were placed infront of me. Smirking at the older boy, I took one shot. It slid down my thoart with a burning desire.

"The question is can you drink it?" I challenged, Harry grinned at me as he grabbed myself other shot. He threw his head back as the liquid slid down his thoart. We continued like this for another ten rounds.

"Do you wanna get out of here?" Harry whispered into my ear, his words slurred. I glanced around the bar was packed.

"Yeah! Where are we going?" I yelled over the music, Harry grabbed my hand and dragged me through the bar. As we stumbled outside, an cab waited for us it's fume going up into the sky.

"Every been to Funky Buddha?" Harry asked as we slid into the cab.

"Naw, I haven't been, why?" I ask giggling like an idiot, grinning like a fool. Harry was saying something but all I could do was stare into his green eyes. They were like jewels, they were beautiful. Maybe if I get drunk enough I'll have a one night stand with him, I mean, if I drink enough I won't remember anything in the morning.

"That's why." Harry slurred as he threw an arm over my shoulders, bringing me into the curly hair man. The cab pulled up to the night club, you could hear the music from outside, people lined up waiting to get in.

Harry was already out of the cab, his hand intwined with mine, pulling me out. Flashes went off like crazy as we walked passed everyone, the bouncer opened to door with us with a small nod toward Harry.

"You sure know everyone, don't you?" I yelled over the music, Harry smirked at me as we walked pass drunk couples grinding up on each other and headed to the bar.

"One Irish Rootbeer and ..." Harry shouted to the bartender, who nodded and turned to me.

"A Booty Call!" I shouted leaning over the counter. The man nodded and turn to make our drinks.

"A Booty Call? Well Ivy, you're very kinky." Harry flirted, nugging me with his arm. Rolling my eyes, the Bartender placed our order in front of us.

"To Friendship." Harry declared as we took our shots. With that our night came in and out in flashes.

" I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose Fire away, fire away, Ricochet, you take your aim, fire away, fire away"

Lights flashed around us, Harry had his hands on my hips, my backside pressed againist his very happy frontside. His hands traveled up north, my head layed on his shoulder, looking up.

 "You shoot me down but I won't fall I am titanium, You shoot me down but I won't fall I am titanium."

Harry had me pressed against the wall, my legs wrapped around his hips, my hands in his hair. Harry's hands on my ass. Our lips smashing against each others, our tounges battling, our air mingling together. Harry pulles away, he begins to kiss down my neck, I throw my head back.

"Stone-hard, machine gun, firing at the ones who run stone-hard as bulletproof glass."

"Ivy." Harry moaned as he bought his lips back to mine, I push my hips against him.

"Harry." I groan, crashing my lips against his.

"I am Titanium."

My dress is pushed up to my waist, Harry's shirt is bunched up,  my legs still wrapped around his hips, grinding on him. Harry sucked on my neck, leaving love bites in it's place.

"Harry, Harry please." I moan, my eyes glazed over with lust, my voice rough with desire.

"Please what love?" Harry's rough voice sent shivers up and down my body.

"Kiss me, goddamnit." I begged, Harry smirked and once again placed his lips over mine.

 I didn't care who say us, I didn't care what they would say, what would be on the news the next day. IO just wanted the man in front of me. I wanted him, I wanted his lips on me, I wanted his hands on my body, whispering desiring things. I wanted Harry Fucking Styles.

 "I am Titanium."





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