Over Our Heads

Ivy Johnson hates to look like everyone else; she loves looking different. Ivy doesn't dress is odd clothes, no, she dresses as a hipster, as a trend setter and since her job requires her to make celebrities dress in the newest fashion trend it can be easily be said that she's the best as her job. Maybe that's how she caught the eyes of boy band One Direction, specifically Harry Styles. Harry Styles, known for his cheeky smirk and curly hair, hasn't had a real relationship since Caroline Flack which was well over 5 years ago. Most people thought it was for his bad boy appearance or even management, the truth is Harry believed in love in first sight, but now he just wants to settle down with someone, anyone. When One Direction's head stylist takes leave, Management scrambles to find a new stylist; Ivy Johnson.


6. Stand Up

"So put your hands up, Cause it's a stand up, I won't be leaving 'til I finsih stealing every bit of your heart."

"Good Morning Sunshines!" Peter yelled as he open my curtains. Groaning I turned away from the lights, but it was slightly diffcult when I moved. Another groan enter my ear, opening my eyes, there in all his glory layed Harry Styles.

"You guys had fun last night, so much that I had to come and get you two at 3 a.m.. 3 a.m. in the fucking morning Ivy. You know that I don't get up for anyone, and when I got there you two were making out like two goddamn high schoolers! You two are extremely lucky no one saw you two." Peter huffed as he sat on my bed.

 "Shut up Louis." Harry groans as he tightens his grip on my waist. Kicking Harry in the knee, Harry sits up glaring at me.

"Look lover boy, I'm not your Louis. I am the guy who saved you and Ivy from embrassement. You should thank me." Peter said, pointing at Harry who just stared at Peter with a blank face.

"OH MY GOD IT'S HARRY STYLES!" A high pitch scream came from my bedroom door, turning my head there stood a girl who looked exactly like me with blond hair. 

"Lavander, shut the fuck up." I groan as I tossed my head back. Lavander is my twin sister, who is a die hard Directioner. Lavander and I have always been oppsites; I was in Drama, Lavander was the Drama, I enjoyed the Rat Pack, She enjoyed the Backstreet Boys. There was only one thing we were the same (expect looking the same) and that was fashion. Lavander and I both agreed on anything with Fashion, it was our calling. I made the clothes, Lavander would wear it: a team.

"Ivy Ivory Johnson, you did not forget to tell me you were having an affair with Harry Styles!" Lavander exclaimed as she stood there staring Harry down with her green eyes. Poor Harry, he was like a deer in the headlights.

"Um, Hi." Harry sheepishly said, waving at Lavander. Lavander must have taken that as an 'Sure-you-can-come-and-tackle-me-and-push-you're-own-twin-sister-out-of-the-bed'.

"Oh god." I moaned as I rubbed my stomach, glaring at my sister who has now tangled her arms around Harry and kissing all over his face. Peter had long left, Lavander scares him as he puts it.

"I can't believe this, I knew I would always meet you, but not like this. Not in my sister's bed, that's for sure." Lavander blabbered on, as she pulled out her phone and took of Harry and her.

"Me and @Harry_Styles at my twin @IvyKnowsBest bed!" Lavander said as she began to write her tweet.

"No!" Harry and I screamed, I knocked the phone out of her hand and Harry deleted any trace of the tweet.

"Why no?" Lavander innocently asked as she look between the two of us.

"No one can know that Harry is here." I said,  my lower part of my body on Lavander and my upper on Harry's legs.

"We don't need people think Harry is having an affair with dear old Ivy." Peter called down from the hallway. Rolling eyes, I rolled off the two bodies on my bed and got up. My clothes from the day before litter my floor but I was fully dress and Harry was too. So that ment there wasn't any sex going on last night.

"IVY! HARRY! IVY LOOK-A-LIKE!" A new voice shouted, a new voice all three of us knew well. There stood Louis is sweats and a jacket, his mouth agaped, gwaking at the three of us. Behind him stood Liam in a similar outfit with an eyebrow raised, Niall in gym shorts, an tee and a snapback winking toward us as he stuffed his mouth with food.

"Yeah Hazza getting some twin action!" Zayn smirked, dark skinny jeans with a leather jacket and a white v neck shirt.

"Do you guys have a key or something?" I ask, the four boys looked at each and shurgged.

"Maybe." Niall said and then went back to chewing his food.

Boys, what are you going to do with them?


 There in my own twin sister's hallway stood the other four members of One Direction, standing so easy with my sister. I was confused and a little a bit hurt but mostly happy. Happy because I get to meet the other four hot ass boys from One Direction. I'll ask Ivy about everything later, I want myseld an Horan Hug.


 Staring at the two Ivys, the real Ivy had brown hair that was wavy were the other Ivy had blond hair and pin straight hair. I am very confused.


 Damn two times the Ivy. I like that.


 Ivy number 2 was beauitful, just like Ivy number 1.


Thinking about the night before, I remember everything. Every kiss we shared, every laugh, everything. I loved it, I didn't car if she was drunk. I wanted that every single night, I want her lips pressed against mine. I want her moaning my name just for me to kiss her. I wanted everything, and I know I sound selfish but I am in love.

"Lavander stop touching Niall." Ivy hissed from her spot on the couch, were she sat next to Liam and Louis who was asking questions about Lavander.

Lavander was basically molseting poor Nialler who look terrifed. Like she had with me in the bed room ealier, she was doing the same with Niall. I kinda felt pity on the lad, but I enjoyed it a little.

My phone buzzed, turning to the side to pull it out, I glanced over to Zayn who was smirking at me. Narrowing my eyes toward the older boy, I checked my phone.

 From: Zayn

   So Haz, how was last nite?

Rolling my eyes, I slid my phone back into my pocket and flipped Zayn off.

"Why are you here?" Ivy asked, glaring at everyone in the room, rubbing her forehead.

"Well silly goose, we're leaving in two hours to get over to Marid!" Louis shouted.

"What?" Ivy and I screamed.

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