Over Our Heads

Ivy Johnson hates to look like everyone else; she loves looking different. Ivy doesn't dress is odd clothes, no, she dresses as a hipster, as a trend setter and since her job requires her to make celebrities dress in the newest fashion trend it can be easily be said that she's the best as her job. Maybe that's how she caught the eyes of boy band One Direction, specifically Harry Styles. Harry Styles, known for his cheeky smirk and curly hair, hasn't had a real relationship since Caroline Flack which was well over 5 years ago. Most people thought it was for his bad boy appearance or even management, the truth is Harry believed in love in first sight, but now he just wants to settle down with someone, anyone. When One Direction's head stylist takes leave, Management scrambles to find a new stylist; Ivy Johnson.


9. Show Me What I'm Looking For

"Wait, I'm wrong, Should have done better than this, Please, I'll be strong I'm finding it hard to resist, So show me what I'm looking for."


"If you dirty one more pair of these shoes, Harry. I will personally castrate you." I threaten Harry as he handed me his dirty pair of oxfors to me. He then whimpered and literally ran away.

"Look at him, he's running away with his tail inbetween his legs." Paul laughed from behind me we watch Harry run into another room. "I actually need to talk to you Miss Johnson." Paul said smiling down at me.

"What's up?" I ask as I toss Harry's shoes into a pile of messed up things. Taking a sip of water, turning to face the almighty Paul.

"They're asking for an Interview with the head Stylist and the boys." Paul said, wincing as I choke on the water I was drinking.

"What? What did you tell them?" I ask in panic, brushing my hair of my face. I didn't look like someone that should be on an interview at the moment.

"I said yes, you have thirty minutes to get ready." The Paul ran away with HIS tail inbetween his legs.

"Caroline! Caroline!" I yelled running toward all the clothes we had. Praying to god that we had some what female looking clothes here.

"Yes, Ivy?" Caroline sweetly as she stood to the side as I rumnage through the clothes pulling items out and tossing it on the table.

"Paul told me I have an Interview with the boys in thirty minutes. I need an outfit, fix my hair, oh go-"

"Got it,  Go to Lea. I'll do the rest." Caroline said as she hauled me to the Boys Makeup Artist.

"Hey Lea, Ivy here needs her makeup down in twenty mintues and her hair too." Caroline said as she pushed me down in the sit. Lea was a beauitful middle eastern with long eyelash and the nicest attuide.

"Sure, what colors is her outfit?" Lea askes as she pulles out her foundations.

"I'm going with an black leggings, washed Batwing, and VPL shift." And with that Caroline left in a hurry to get the the outfit together.


"So Ivy is joining us with the Interview?" I asked Paul who was nodded and checking his watch.

"5 minutes left, where is she?" Paul ask, tapping his foot.

"I'm here." Ivy's angelic voice filled the break room. Paul step to the side to let us view Ivy. My mouth open wide with words to describe how beauiful she looked. Ivy's brunett hair was pulled on top of her head in a neat bun. Her green eyes where out lined in black eyeliner and her eyelash thick. Her lips where painted in delicous hot pink, making me what to kiss her even more.

"Damn, Ivy. You look hot." Niall commented, blushing a little out his outbrust. Ivy laughed and flushed pink.

"Thanks Niall, you boys look dapper. I wonder who dress you." Ivy teased, tapping her finger to her chin.

"She's pretty beauitful." Liam said.

"And doesn't take shit from any of us." I added, smirking at Ivy who rolled her eyes.

"Boys enough of that stuff, come on they need you now." Paul said as we walked onto the stage.

Pierina Colina.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, One Direction and their stylist Ivy Johnson!" I said as the audience went wild for the pop stars and their stylist. Smiling as the five boys walked out following their stylist. Each boy kissed my cheek as did Ivy, who was a sweet girl. Each of them took a seat. Ivy inbetween Harry and Niall as Zayn, Liam, and Louis sat behind them on the couch.

"So Boys, how have you been?" I ask, watching as each boy said something nice about the city.

"Ivy, everyone knows you for your fablous work in all the magazines and at fashion week, how does it feel to work with One Direction?" I ask, watching as Ivy moved around in her sit.

"To be honset, Ms. Colina," She started, glancing at Harry and Niall, before she contuined, "it's an whole different ball game. I have work with so many people in such a short time but never had I ever had such a fun time like I am now. These lads are extremely loveable, and I think that's why I enjoy working with boys." She answered smiling brightly at me, Harry and Niall wrapped their arms around Ivy, grinning.

"Oh please, call me Pierina, amor." I said smiling at the young woman.

"Now  Liam, is it true that Danielle and you have agreed on seeing other people?" I ask, the audience leaned in to hear the answer. Liam's face didn't change from the smile he had.

"That is correct, we bot think it is for the best. We agreed on being friends." Liam said smiling at me, I watched Ivy leaned back onto Liam's legs.

"After this break, One Direction will perform for us. Isn't that just wonderful?"I ask the audience as they went wild. Getting up from my sit, One Direction, Ivy, and I walked off stage. Ivy and the boys were busy trying to change their clothes as I drank some tea that waited on me.

"One Direction perform's in 30 seconds!" The stage manger called out as the boys ran onto the stage. I watched as Ivy walked over to the stage opening, watching the boys get ready. 10 seconds read on the screen as all five of the boys ran over to Ivy and kissed her cheek before getting back on stage just as the Live! button came on.

 As the boys perform, I walked over to Ivy who was in a trance.

"They sure like you." I commented, watch Ivy as she glanced at me, smiling.

"Yeah I guess they do."


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