Over Our Heads

Ivy Johnson hates to look like everyone else; she loves looking different. Ivy doesn't dress is odd clothes, no, she dresses as a hipster, as a trend setter and since her job requires her to make celebrities dress in the newest fashion trend it can be easily be said that she's the best as her job. Maybe that's how she caught the eyes of boy band One Direction, specifically Harry Styles. Harry Styles, known for his cheeky smirk and curly hair, hasn't had a real relationship since Caroline Flack which was well over 5 years ago. Most people thought it was for his bad boy appearance or even management, the truth is Harry believed in love in first sight, but now he just wants to settle down with someone, anyone. When One Direction's head stylist takes leave, Management scrambles to find a new stylist; Ivy Johnson.


7. Everything's Not Lost

"Cause if you ever feel neglected, if you think that all is lost, I'll be counting up my demons, yeah, Hoping everything's not lost."

Sitting on my suitcase outside of the airport, waiting for Louis's girlfriend to finish eating Louis face. Eleanor  is a sweetheart, she really is, I just don't like having people suck face in front of me. Liam was some where in the airport doing something. After what seemed like an year, Eleanor left poor Louis. Louis, Liam, and I were the first ones at the airport, surpise surpise.

"Eleanor isn't coming?" I asked, looking at Louis who looked heartbroken. As Louis began to say something, an black SUV pulled up. Rolling my eyes, They boys have to have all eyes on them.

Out came Niall and Zayn, looking the same as they did in my flat ealier today. They had a total of five suitcases with them.

"Hello Ivy!" Niall cheerly said, plupping down next to me.

"Hello Niall." I greeted, Zayn was busy on his phone talking about how he didn't want to meet another girl.

"Where's Harry?" I questioned, glancing at Niall who was tweeting on his twitter about how he was going to Spain. Looking at my phone, I scrolled through my twitter.

"Hey, come here." Niall said, pulling me in to him, wanting to take a picture with me. Smiling at the phone, Niall and I took a series of photos, smiling ones to silly faces. By the end of the time we where laughing our asses off. Niall and I had picked a picture where my eyes were crossed and I was making a duck face and Niall making a drepping face. 

 @IvyKnowsBest and I waiting for Princess Harry to show up. #WhereIsTheHarry?

As soon as Niall tweeted, automatically millions of retweets, favorites, and replies happen. Niall and I creeped through them on our phones, sharing the funniest to creepiest.

"@KayleLikeCats #WhereIsTheHarry I kidnapped him and is sitting in my cat's litter box." I read out loud laughing at it.

"@PotatoesKing Princess Harry? Do you mean Princess Harriet?" A picture was attach of Harry in a woman's ballroom dress and makeup. Niall and I were cracking up laughing. It was perfect.

"@NiallsWifeBitches Who is @IvyKnowsBest? she better not be dating Niall." I read out, glacing at Niall who look like it didn't even faze him.

Once again another SUV pulled up and out came Princess Harriet, looking extemely sexy.

"Princess Harriet as arrived!" Niall announced, laughing uncontrolably  at our inside joke. Harry rolled his eyes as he dragged his suitcase behind him.

"Well Boys and Ivy are we ready to go to Spain?" Liam asked as he met up with us once we got inside the airport, everyone nodded. Soon we where mobbed by fans, crazy ass Directioners. There were no screaming, but clapping and the cat calls. What parents let their kids go to the airport just for a boyband?

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