The Adjourning Phase

This is for my friend who is not with me


1. The Adjourning Phase



The Adjourning Phase

Yes, this is for you idiot,

I am missing you a lot,

You came in my life as a jackpot,

With all the happiness that you brought,

Wished you would have remained here,

Like a permanent clot.


Being with you has always been bliss,

Like I am wrapped in a graceful challis,

Our friendship is like a cuisine from Swiss,

And the moments shared with you, I will always miss,

But should have been here

Because life without is a crisis.


Life was just perfect with you,

Like a shining drop of dew,

No matter how often and how badly we argue,

Our friendship grew,

I am addicted to you,

But we needed to get apart ‘I already knew’


NO matter how far,

You are,

Counting each Hour,  

I will wait for the end of the War,

And one thing I know

You will come back as a shining Star.

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