Everything About You

Alliy moves from Doncaster to London with her family. But when tragedy strikes her family and all as Alliy has is her new best friend Ellanna. And what will Alliy do when she finds out who Ellanna is. Will she fall hard for someone who she promised she will never EVER think about again or will everything turn out well in the end. Read to find out. Read my other Movellas The Meaning of Love, You Had Me At Hello and l'll Never forget


4. Chapter 3

Alliy's P.O.V.

The next morning I woke up and looked at the ceiling but didn't see the lime green paint that's on my ceiling at my flat I saw a boring old plain white ceiling then I remembered last night. Then I remembered something very important.......we forgot to use a condom. I'm officially very dissapointed in myself I decided to go tell Louis about the whole....situation when I got downstairs he was making breakfast. When he finished breakfast he put some eggs and bacon on two plates. "Um Louis i'm a vegetarian" "Oh sorry I forgot" "It's fine I haven't seen you in a couple years". After we finished eating I decided to tell him. "Um...Louis" "Yes Alliy Bear?" "Um we forgot to use a condom last night" "Well your on the pill right" "Um no we're not in Doncaster and I haven't done all my pharmacy paperwork and stuff" "Um okay it's all gonna be okay". I believed Louis but I decided to take an early pregnancy test anyway. "Um Louis i'm gonna go home and get some clothes and i'll be right back. On my way home I stopped at the pharmacy and got the test and when I got home I quickly ran into the bathroom and went through the routine while I was waiting for the results I decided to go get my clothes. I took my zebra duffel bag and packed it with some flats and some jeans, a couple tank tops and I grabbed my under garments and shoved them all into my bag and I was off. I was half way to Louis house when I remembered the test I took it out of my jeans pocket and there was a little pink......   

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