Everything About You

Alliy moves from Doncaster to London with her family. But when tragedy strikes her family and all as Alliy has is her new best friend Ellanna. And what will Alliy do when she finds out who Ellanna is. Will she fall hard for someone who she promised she will never EVER think about again or will everything turn out well in the end. Read to find out. Read my other Movellas The Meaning of Love, You Had Me At Hello and l'll Never forget


3. Chapter 2

Alliy's P.O.V.

A little while later I heard the doorbell ring and opened it to see Ellanna. "Hi Ellanna" "Hi Alliy and you can call me Ella" "Okay Ella come in for our first movie I picked out Love Actually" I said as I motioned for her to come in. Then I remembered that I had to go pick up Scott, Isabell and Michelle so I called Nikkole and asked her if she, Drew and Annalisa could pick Scott, Michelle and Isabell up, they said yes and about an hour later just as the movie was finishing I heard the door open and I told Ellanna to come with me so she could meet my brothers and sisters. When we got downstairs they all said hi to me and I said "Michelle, Scott, Nikkole, Drew, Isabell and Annalisa this is Ellanna. Ellanna this is Michelle, Scott, Nikkole, Drew, Isabell and Annalisa" I said as I pointed to them "Okay so me and Ellanna are gonna have some girl time, Drew, Nikkole and Annalisa make the kids a snack". Then me and Ellanna went upstairs. When we got upstairs Ellanna looked worried so I asked her what was wrong and she said "Alliy I need to tell you something and if I tell you do you promise not to tell anybody" "Yes" I answered "Okay Alliy i'm Ellanna Tomlinson as in Louis Tomlinson's sister" my mouth dropped and before I knew it I was running out of the room. With Ellanna chasing after me. I couldn't be best friends with Louis Tomlinson's sister we had to much history.


"Hi I'm Alliy" I said "Alee?" he responded "No my name is pronounced Ali" "Oh hi Alliy i'm Louis" we were 4 years old and from that day on we were best friends until one day he told me he was leaving for the XFactor in a month and asked me to be his girlfriend, I said yes and we dated for about a month and the day he had to leave I went to his house which I had a key to and went inside I was inside for about a half an hour when I heard the door unlocking and Louis came in carrying a girl who had her legs wrapped around his waist and they were making out when he saw me he tried to say something but I ran out crying before he could say anything. That night I cried outside his flat all night when finally I went home and I vowed to myself that I would never talk to him again.

~End Of Flashback~

I sat on my old elementary school swings all night and cried and sobbed. Finally I heard someone coming but I ignored it. When finally I saw someones shadow they said "Can I sit" I said "Sure". All of a sudden I saw him freeze and slowly turn his head to look at me he said "Alliy" in a very shaky voice "H-h-how do you know my name" "It's me Louis" that was all I needed to hear before I ran away crying but I didn't get far before he grabbed my wrist and swung me around "I'm so so sorry" "Save it do you know what you've done to me" just then I heard rustling and out of the bushes came a silhouette it turned out to be Nikkole "Hi Nikkole" Louis said. Nikki's face turned hard and she said "Alliy can you give us a minute" "Sure" I said and walked away.

Nikkole (Nikki)'s P.O.V.

I heard Alliy run out of the door and seconds later Ellanna came running down the stairs screaming Alliy's name. I asked her what was wrong with Alliy she responded "I told her a secret and she ran out crying" "Um okay I know where she will be just stay here Drew and Annalisa are watching a movie in the movie room go watch a movie with them I will be right back". I ran as fast as I could and finally found our old elementary school I heard her talking to someone so I followed the voices and I came to a clearing where I saw Alliy talking to Louis a boy who broke her heart when they were younger. I was really mad so I asked Alliy to leave so I could talk to Louis. When I knew Alliy was out of earshot I told Louis "Why are you here you broke her heart she almost DIED because of you" "What?" "You heard me" "What happened ?" "Well apparently you cheated on her and that day when me, Drew and Annalisa came home Ana had to use the bathroom but it was locked and finally Drew got the door open and Alliy was lying in the bathtub surrounded in blood and there was a note that said

Hi guys I'm sure you won't miss me I sure know Louis won't. Tell Scott, Michelle and Isabell I love them and not to miss me too much just know i'm in a better place where I can be away from my life I hope everything goes well

Love, Aliysin Rachael Jones


"I hope you know what you've done and I hope you leave her and our family alone". With that I left him alone.

Alliy's P.O.V.

When I saw Nikki leave I knew that I could go back. When I got back Louis was crying and he said "Why would you ever try to hurt yourself" "Because I couldn't stand to live anymore" "Well i'm sooooo sorry" then he hugged me and I actually enjoyed it. "It's okay but why didn't you tell me you had a sister?" "Oh you know Ellanna she was telling me about someone named Alliy" "Um ya I do know her but why didn't you tell me" "Because I didn't think it was important" "Okay" "Well so you wanna come back to my house it's getting pretty late" "Okay"

~15 minutes later~

When we got back to his house he started kissing my neck and I started moaning and apparently that turned him on because he picked me up and carried me to his room when we got to his room he threw me on his bed and got undressed and started kissing me again then he started pulling off my shirt while I started pulling off my pants and you can guess what happened next.

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