Everything About You

Alliy moves from Doncaster to London with her family. But when tragedy strikes her family and all as Alliy has is her new best friend Ellanna. And what will Alliy do when she finds out who Ellanna is. Will she fall hard for someone who she promised she will never EVER think about again or will everything turn out well in the end. Read to find out. Read my other Movellas The Meaning of Love, You Had Me At Hello and l'll Never forget


1. Chapter 1

Alliy's P.O.V.

I was so excited my parents just announced that we are moving from boring old Doncaster to London, I mean I love Doncastter but i've lived here my whole life and i'm ready to start fresh. After about 3 hours of driving we were finally there I got out of our car and ran into the new house it was so beautiful. I wanted to look around but I had school tomorrow and it was late so I told my parents I was going to bed. I tiredly stumbled up the stairs and into the room that had Alliy Rachael engraved into the door and plopped down on my bed and fastely fell asleep.

~The next morning~

I woke up to my alarm clock beeping. I got up and rummaged through my closet for clothes I decided on a black fitted t-shirt with rhinestones and pink skinny jeans and white sparkley combat boots. When I was all done getting ready I called my brothers and sisters down for breakfast. I made panccakes and together we ate them all. After breakfast it was 8:30 so I decided we should get going to school. I made Nikkole, Annalisa, and Drew lunches and sent them off on the bus. I still had a half an hour till I had to leave for school so I got Michelle, Isabell and Scott ready for school and dropped them off at their school. Then I was off to my first day at my new school. When I got there everybody was very nice to me. At lunch I sat down at the end os a deserted table and started eating my lunch just as I was about to bite into my brownie a red haired girl sat next to me she said "Hi i'm Ellanna whats your name" "I'm Alliy" I said "Nice to meet you Alliy". Before we knew it, it was time to go to next period. Luckily I had band with Ellanna next period time flew by in band too. Next thing I know the bells ringing to go home. I quickly typed in my locker combo 09-14-04 it clicked and I got my things out of my locker and went to my red convertible and went to go pick up Michelle, Isabell and Scott from their school I would let them ride the bus but Michelle's only 5, Isabell's only 7 and Scott's only 8 so I couldn't let them ride the bus. When we got home Nikkole, Annalisa and Drew were watching t.v.,I let them carry on and I went upstairs to my room to do my homework right as I finished I heard my parents come through the front door. I ran downstairs and hugged them and went to go make dinner. After dinner was done I went to bed. I woke up to my phone ringing I picked it up and I heard Ellanna say "Where the hell are you" "Um at home It's so early in the morning" "Actually it's noon" shit I thought to myself but said "Um okay you wanna come over we can have a girls movie day" "Okay" she chirped "I'll be over in a half an hour". Then our conversation was done. 

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