Everything About You

Alliy moves from Doncaster to London with her family. But when tragedy strikes her family and all as Alliy has is her new best friend Ellanna. And what will Alliy do when she finds out who Ellanna is. Will she fall hard for someone who she promised she will never EVER think about again or will everything turn out well in the end. Read to find out. Read my other Movellas The Meaning of Love, You Had Me At Hello and l'll Never forget


5. Authors Note

Hey guys what do you think the test will say? Got any predictions? Well i'd just like to say thanx to everybody reading this I hope you like it. I'd just like to introduce myself. My name is Brooklinne. My favorite color is blue. I get bullied alot at school. I have two horses named Kryssa and Ginelle. I love dancing and riding my horses. I have a group of friends that I always hang out with Lexa, Breianna, Stephanie, Spencer, Ellanna and Madisen. I have bleach blonde hair and brown eyes. I'm 6 feet tall. I weigh about 120 pounds. I play the viola, french horn, guitar, bass guitar, piano and the drums. I have a boyfriend named Drake. My middle name is Ryeliey. And I live in a beach house in Honolulu, Hawaii with my mom, My dad, my brothers Justin and Drew, and my sisters Mariah, Eliza, Giana and Brieighelle pronounced Bree-Elle. I have 2 neices Niaomi and Jackilyn. Well now you know somethings about me please keep reading. Oh ya forgot a little FYI I won't be writing for a while i'm going on vacation with my sisters Brieighelle and Eliza and my boyfriend to Cancun we leave tomorrow. Wish me luck i'll write when I get back but in the meantime you can read my other Movellas You Had Me At Hello, I'll Never Forget and The Meaning Of Love. Thanx and c u when I get back.

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