Mrs. Malik (Zayn Malik/1D Fan Fiction)

Kandy Shore, is not other than the magnificent music producer of One Direction. She also just so happens to be the chosen the one. The chosen one, meaning she was going to have to marry the, Zayn Malik. Kandy is simply mortified, but takes this as her chance to show Zayn who's boss. They both hate each other, but will that hate soon turn into love? Will Zayn change his ways? Will Kandy change her opinion on Zayne? Get ready, for the marriage of a life time.


1. You want me to marry you?


“Will you marry me?”


Those were the last words I was expecting to come out of Zayn Mailk’s mouth, especially since he hated the living day light out of me. It must be some kind of joke, I mean why else would he even speak such words.


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kandy Shore, and I’m One Direction’s music producer. I have long chocolate brown hair, green eyes, full lips, and fairly tanned skin. I’m only five three, but am also extremely curvy. When I see extremely curvy, I don’t mean that to be an understatement. 


These boys that most girls call “perfection”, are nothing of the sort. In fact, if you come to know them well enough, they are quite repulsive. Zayn surely is the worst of the five. There is not one word that I can speak to him, that will kindly receive a non-asshole remark in return. 


You would think that I’d be the last person he’d ever propose to, but unfortunately I wasn’t hearing things. Here I am, in my studio, fixing up some tracks, when an overly obnoxious douche bag comes storming in. I was expecting him to have a complaint, or to come up with something bitchy to say the least, but no he had other things in mind.


After coming up to me with an outburst like that, I nearly dropped what I was doing. 


“Am I being punked?” I asked seriously.


“No” He hissed.


“Then why the hell are you asking me to marry you?” I raised an eyebrow at him.


“I-uh-well-I need to get married before I turn twenty one, or my parents are going to make me leave the band” He blurted out, and a thunder roll of laughter came roaring out of my mouth.


“You’re kidding, right?” I asked hopefully. That was until I saw his serious expression of course.


“Nope” He said popping his P.


“And you can’t find another person to marry?” I yelled, but lowered my voice when I realized that the studio door was open.


“Trust me, you are highly unattractive, and if it were my choice I’d rather marry anyone else. But it’s come to Simon’s decision, and he said it’d be best if I married you” He sneered. 


“Well I’m sorry Malik, but I don’t marry arrogant jerk offs like you” I scoffed, flipping my long dark hair over my shoulder. “Besides, as you said before, I’m highly unattractive”


I placed my headphones down, and smirked at him. I wasn’t afraid of Zayn, and he damn well knew that. I looked over at the clock, and saw that it was just about to hit ten pm. My feet were killing me from strutting in heels all day, and it was time for my departure anyway.


“Good luck Mr. Malik, but I must get going” I said grabbing my varsity jacket from the stool.


I was about to exit the studio and lock up; when I heard a few more words come out of his mouth.


“I’ll pay you,” He pleaded.


“It’s going to make more than just money to put a ring on this finger” I lifted up my ring finger, and waggled it in front of his pretty face.


“What the hell? What more do you want you conniving little bitch?” He hissed.


“Well for starters, I’d like if you could leave your douche bag comments to yourself” I teased, which knew would get to him. “Your expected to treat me like a princess, and treat me with respect” He scoffed.


“In your dreams”


“Okay, than I guess you can stay remaining apart of One Direction in your dreams also” I said confidently, watching as his eyes darkened.


“Fine” He mumbled to himself.


“What was that? I don’t believe I heard you” 


“I said fine!!” He yelled.


“Okay, than from now on, I guess I’m Mrs. Malik” I wiggled my eyebrows. I don’t take Zayn serious, and I think that’s what got on his nerve the most.


“Don’t push it,” He growled.


“What ever” I muttered, gesturing for him to exit the studio.


“Bitch” He said under his breath, but I still heard him.


“Don’t push it either Malik, or you’ll be finding yourself a new bride” I sniggered.


I loved having control over situations like this, especially when it involved having control over someone like, Zayn. I locked up behind him, and snaked my arms around his waist. 


“This is how you fake it,” I said demonstrating how a real couple should act, while also pissing him off. 


I gave his bum a squeeze, before I walked away with a cheeky grin on my face. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the arrogant bastard, but it’s just that Zayn is possibly the easiest person to get mad. Also, the expression on his face after it all goes down is just too priceless. 



What was I getting myself into? Why did I even agree to this? Do I really believe that he’d be willing to treat me like a princess? 


In my dreams indeed.


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