Mrs. Malik (Zayn Malik/1D Fan Fiction)

Kandy Shore, is not other than the magnificent music producer of One Direction. She also just so happens to be the chosen the one. The chosen one, meaning she was going to have to marry the, Zayn Malik. Kandy is simply mortified, but takes this as her chance to show Zayn who's boss. They both hate each other, but will that hate soon turn into love? Will Zayn change his ways? Will Kandy change her opinion on Zayne? Get ready, for the marriage of a life time.


2. I'm moving in with you?


Today the boys were coming into the studio, and I was ready. Simon called yesterday claiming that there was a surprise awaiting me at the studio, and I was expected to dress appropriately for the occasion. Apparently it was required that I dress fancy, even though I hardly ever got visits at the studio, and the boys were nothing but obnoxious older brothers to me. 


Eager to see what was the grand “surprise”, I barely made it up the stairs without a minor cut or bruise. It’s safe to say that I’m very clumsy, but that doesn’t stop me from getting places.


My heavy stilettos echoed through out the long corridor leading to the recording booth. I smoothed down the length of my black body con dress, and flipped my hair over one shoulder. I gave it my all to make sure that a huge smile was plastered across my face, even though I was almost sure that I would hate this surprise.  When I entered the recording booth, all eyes were on me. I hated unwanted attention, but nonetheless I took it as a professional.


“Okay Simon, what the hell is this big surprise your going on about?” I got straight to the point; I wasn’t about to waste my time on some nonsense.


None of the boys seemed to be paying attention to my wise words though. They were all too busy ogling me, which kind of made me want to slap them silly.


“Uh, Zayn, I believe you have something to ask Kandy” Simon cleared his throat, before building up the nerve to speak.


“Will you marry me,” Zayn mumbled, with a small little box in his hand.


Why is this boy always mumbling?


“It’s funny that you would think that I’d agree to marry someone, who can’t even make a proper proposal” I sniggered. “I expect you to get down on one knee, hold the ring nicely in your pretty little hand, and propose to me like a gentlemen would”


I saw his eyes darken, which meant that I was getting to him. I couldn’t help but giggle, as I watched bend down onto one knee. Even if the situation was not real, I was enjoying myself way too much.


“Will you marry me?” 


“Nope” I shook my head, and gave him a smirk. “You will use my full name, ask me kindly, and put a damn smile on your face” I ordered. 


“That’s it Simon, I can not go through with this!!” Zayn yelled, which didn’t bother me one bit.


“Zayn, just do what she bloody says” Simon declared, and my grin grew wider.


“Kandy Shore, will you marry me?” He forced a smile on his face, and even though it was forced, I knew it was the best I’d get.


“Yea, I guess I will” I shrugged, as he placed the ring on my finger.


I couldn’t help but admire it. The diamond was big, and fit perfectly on my finger. 


“So when is the bachelor party?” Harry grinned cheekily. 


“Yea” Niall agreed.


“Oh lord, we haven’t even planned the wedding yet” Simon exasperated. 


“So boys, are we going to work on the album, or not?” I raised an eyebrow, and unwillingly they all followed each other into the booth.


We spent about two hours recording, until Simon made it clear that Zayn and I were to announce our engagement at Harry’s house party. I was supposed to act all love sick with Zayn, and he was to act the same with me. 


Approaching Harry and Louis house, I could already see the alignment of people out side. If I’m being completely honest, I was very nervous. My knees were buckling, I was fiddling with my hair, and my palms were beginning to get sweaty. I padded my hands down on my dress, and unfortunately was forced to hold Zayn’s hand. The only good thing about all of this was that Zayn was just as miserable as me.


“Game on” I whispered into Zayn’s ear, and I swear I could almost feel him shiver.


I placed a smile on my face, and made my way through the crowd with Zayn. 


I was overwhelmed with all that was going on, but I didn’t want to seem like an out sider. I tried my best to blend in, even though I’m sure that my fat ass didn’t help. As we continued to walk, I began to receive glares from jealous girls. Some people were even kind enough to acknowledge my existence, but most of the greetings came from the male population.


“Stay here” Zayn ordered, as if I were a child.


The only reason I decided to stay in my spot was because I was uncomfortable with my surroundings. I quietly sipped on a martini that I retrieved from some waiter girl, who was parading around the pool area.


Where the hell is Zayn?


That’s when I saw him. I saw him making his way up to a small stage, and I saw him gesture for me to join him. My jaw dropped. Is he expecting me to go up there? In front of all those people? 


With tiny footsteps, I made my way to where he was. The crowd was silent, which only made matters worst. 


“Okay you guys, Kandy and I have some great news!” He exclaimed. “We’re getting married”



That’s when all the chaos began. I was practically bombarded with questions like. When did you guys meet?


Why all of a sudden?


Why didn’t you guys tell us you were dating?


I had no answer to these questions, but I was pretty sure that Zayn would be able to come up with one.


“We didn’t tell anyone because of all the publicity, but I just couldn’t take it anymore” And the Oscar goes to, Zayn Malik. “Right Kandy?”


“Oh-uh-yea of course” I smiled reassuringly.


“Well I’m sorry that we have to leave so early, but I have to help Kandy move into my place” He chuckled nervously.


Wait!! Did I just hear what I think I heard? I was going to be sharing an apartment with that prick?


I waited for us to enter his car, before I went all bananas on his ass.


“I’m going to live with you?” I cried.


“Duh, I think that I made that clear when we in there” he rolled his eyes, and I swear I could choke him right there and then.


“What If I say no” I crossed my arms over my chest.


“You wouldn’t say no to me” He winked.


This was going to be a miserable marriage. I’m divorcing him right after the wedding.


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