This is just a story

Maybe my story will make you understand that you only live once.


1. It's

I actually don't know how to start this.
So I'll say hello.
I am Jess, I'm 16, and I am apparently a simple, normal girl.
But I don't like to consider myself like that.I just like to be diferent, but I have to admit that I'm afraid.Afraid of what the other people will think and say about me.I know it's not ok, but..I just can't show who I really am.
I love to sing, but I'm afraid to do it.I like vintage style, but I'm afraid to dress like that.
I'm in love, but I'll never confess.

Because I can't. I have always been different.My parents always fighted, my dad never loved me..I think that's why I'm so shy.Now they're divorcing, I moved from home.He hit me one day.Never mind.
That's why I decided that it's time to do somethink with my turn the page and discover the rest of the book.
And from here starts my story.My life story.My diary.My thoughts.My memories.

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