Picture Perfect

17 year old A.J wants to be a star but is too scared to try out for anything but on her 18th birthday she decides to break out of her shell and move to london england with her best friend lucy her friend forces her to try out for the x-factor and she makes it and becomes the biggist star the world has ever known with her best friend as her manager . everyone thinks she's perfect picture perfect but is she? she has a secret no one knows even her family .her fans love her the girls want to be her and the guys want to date her but what happens when her over protective parents and nosy little brother come to visit and don't know she's a star? will they ruin her career ? will they find out about her secrets? what is her secret? read to find out:)


4. The First Piece Of The Puzzle

Lucy's P.O.V

I couldn't  believe it . She was talking to Louis freaking Tomlinson from THE ONE DIRECTION. They were laughing & talking like old friends who haven't seen each other for a while .I only heard pieces of the conversation like "and then Niall was like ' guys I'm so hungry I could eat an elephant let's go to Nandos ' and I was all Niall I wouldn't be surprised if you actually ate one " and "I can't believe Liam did that he's supposed to be daddy direction " E.T.C. then when I was about to go ask her what the hell was going on . he just told he had to go & left . after he left I went to her & acted I didn't see anything . we continued touring around London & went back to our mansion ( I love saying that ' our mansion ' sounds so classy ) & decided to watch a movie " so, what movie do you want to watch?" I asked " how about the grownups ?" she said " sure " I replied & went to make popcorn while she prepared the movie.

A.J's P.O.V

when she was in the kitchen I let myself wonder if she saw me talking to Lou or not . when she came back from the washroom at Buckingham palace she looked suspicious  but I shrugged it off for now What she doesn't know won't hurt her . I hope any way while she was in the kitchen . I decided to call Lou and tell him she didn't suspect anything .he must be worried because he picked up on the first ring . "hey Lou " I said " hey, what's up ?" "nothing much" " so did she suspect anything ?" "actually no she didn't " " good , I was worried" " no don't , nothing happened" "ok, good well I gotta go miss you bye " "miss you too bye " after I hung up with Lou I heard a noise coming from be hind me  and when and when I looked up I saw Lucy . oh-oh. I thought to myself .

Lucy's P.O.V 

I knew something was up but what I  didn't know was that this morning was just a piece of  the puzzle . and I'm gonna put them all together somehow . This was just the begging.


hey guys I know that the first couple chapters have been long and boring but I promise the next chapters , are gonna be good this is my first movella / story ever so please comment & tell me if there is any thing I should do to make this movella better . thank you 

                                                                                             - the first directioner



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