Picture Perfect

17 year old A.J wants to be a star but is too scared to try out for anything but on her 18th birthday she decides to break out of her shell and move to london england with her best friend lucy her friend forces her to try out for the x-factor and she makes it and becomes the biggist star the world has ever known with her best friend as her manager . everyone thinks she's perfect picture perfect but is she? she has a secret no one knows even her family .her fans love her the girls want to be her and the guys want to date her but what happens when her over protective parents and nosy little brother come to visit and don't know she's a star? will they ruin her career ? will they find out about her secrets? what is her secret? read to find out:)


5. shopping


ok so I knew lucy was kinda suspicious but i kept brushing it off as if it was nothing and I know I will regeret it later and it will come to bite me in the bum but what can i do she's my best frein and I'm afraid that if I tell her she won't treat me the same or won't sow me the real her or tell me her real feelings . I'm keeping it real and I always will and I want the people arounf me to do the same . but i had to tell her some thing so I pushed my luck and went to sleeep . *********************************************THE NEXT MORNING************************************************************ I woke up to the smell of eggs and bacon comin from the kitchen lucy must be up early if she made breakfast so I took a shower put my hair into a pony tail and let it air dry I put on ripped skinny jeans a neon pink shirt that said 'I <3 BRITISH ACCENTS ' and some black flats . I went downstairs for some breakfast and found lucy sitting and watching some telly as they say here so i ate and sat on the couch with her and said "morning luce" " morning A.J " she replied " hey luce want to go shopping with me today? " "yeah sure should we go now?" " yes please " I said so we left for the mall . we went to a store that said forever 21 so we went in and looked around " hey luce look here , i think this dress will look fabuLOUIS on you " I said pointing to a smokey grey sequinted dress that came to her knees she came over and looked at it " its reall pretty but why would i buy it we don't go anywhere fancy and i can't afford it" she said " ah , that myfreind is the problem with you . lighten up . besides i have a surprise for you we're going somewhere fancy tommorow night with some reall y important people so you better dresss nice and plus you don't have to buy iit i have too much money to spend and if i wanna spend it on afreind no one can stop me you understand missy?" i replied in a sherlock holmes voice kind of way she smiled and agreed but kept pestering me with questions like "where are we going tommorow night?" " when are we going ?" "who are those' important people ' we're going to meet?" I answered her as much as I can but i will not i repeat I will not ruin the surprise for her . man i can't wait to see her face when she sees them afterall she's done for me this the leasat I could do for her .i bought her the dress and then we bought on for me that was a black one shoulder, tight in all th right places and accented me perfectly dress . i wasn't that pretty but i have to admit i wasn't ugly either. we also baught some red heels for me and beigh pumps for her some make up and other stuff then we went to eat lunch at this restaurant called nandos which lucy insisted that we go to because apparently that's niall's favoourite restaurant and i have to admit their food was REALLY REALLY GOOD. I also saw someone someone who I thought I will never see again , but but as you know life is a roller coster and roller coasters are always not the way they seem. But of course I will see him again he's a FREAKING superstar .and that person just looked at me and smiled like nothing was wrong . That someone was......
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