Picture Perfect

17 year old A.J wants to be a star but is too scared to try out for anything but on her 18th birthday she decides to break out of her shell and move to london england with her best friend lucy her friend forces her to try out for the x-factor and she makes it and becomes the biggist star the world has ever known with her best friend as her manager . everyone thinks she's perfect picture perfect but is she? she has a secret no one knows even her family .her fans love her the girls want to be her and the guys want to date her but what happens when her over protective parents and nosy little brother come to visit and don't know she's a star? will they ruin her career ? will they find out about her secrets? what is her secret? read to find out:)


6. reunion


A.J's P.O.V that someone was the one and only harry styles looking back at me with those eyes i used to love so much . I smiled a faint smile and looked away . looking back at luce she looked at me and smiled asking "you ok ,little JJ?" "yeah I'm fine but please don't call me that in public." I told her . but really I wasn't that ok or fine really I was shocked , hurt , and angry at him and myself , at him because he dared to smile at me like nothing was wrong after what he did to me and at myself for even smiling that small smile after what he did to me . after we ate we went home and just chilled till it was time for bed "night luce I'm going to bed !" i yelled heading to my bedroom I layed in bed and fell asleep thinking about today .   Lucy's P.O.V when she looked up at something behind me I saw hurt, anger and dissapointment in her eyes. I knew something was up she was laughing just a minute ago but i didn't want to push her too much she is my best freind and I know her so insted i asked her "you okay, little JJ?" little JJ was the nickname i gave her when i first met her in kinder garden and i know she hates it when someone calls her that in public. and as i expected her face broke into a smile while telling me " I'm fine and please don't call me that in public " I knew she was lying but i didn't want to push her she'll tell me when she wants to . we then went home we just relaxed till she got up  yelling " night Luce, I'm going to bed"  i waited awhile and saw that the X factor auditions are coming to london in a few weeks so without her knowing I wrote all the info down on my phone and went to bed . but when I was walking to my room I saw A.J 's phone ping indicating she got a new text message so the curiossity got the best of me and I looked and I shouldn't have looked it was the text was from some one I thought I knew of cource I knew his face was on every girl's wall except maybe A.J's  but it couldn't be him right ? right ? anyway the text was from ............
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