Picture Perfect

17 year old A.J wants to be a star but is too scared to try out for anything but on her 18th birthday she decides to break out of her shell and move to london england with her best friend lucy her friend forces her to try out for the x-factor and she makes it and becomes the biggist star the world has ever known with her best friend as her manager . everyone thinks she's perfect picture perfect but is she? she has a secret no one knows even her family .her fans love her the girls want to be her and the guys want to date her but what happens when her over protective parents and nosy little brother come to visit and don't know she's a star? will they ruin her career ? will they find out about her secrets? what is her secret? read to find out:)


9. introductions

A.J's P.O.V 

Lucy screamed a heart stopping scream . " WHAT ?!?! ,WHAT?!?!? , WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING?!?" I asked her , " ITS... ITS..... ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!." she screamed " what am I gonna say ? what are they gonna think about me ? what if they don't like me ? what if they hate me ? they're famous and your friends . " she kept babbling about the what ifs "Luce . Luce!! LUCE!!!!" "WHAT?" " they are gonna love you , just talk normally they're just normal guys with talent that's all ,they are gonna think you're amazing . and now just smile and wave they know you are my best friend and I warned harry to go easy on you so don't worry." she smiled and nodded and waved at the boys through the window with me. they waved back. we arrived the same time the boys did when we got out of the limo the guys ran to us and i ran to them "GUYS!!!" I screamed "A.J!!!!" they all screamed at the same time . I laughed and hugged each one of them so tight they almost screamed "guys this is my bestest friend Lucy , Lucy these are the guys and I guess you already know them since you have their faces all over your walls " I introduced them laughing . they all laughed and she punched my arm and glared at me to shut up I just smiled and said " guys since Lou is the birthday boy he gets the special treatment all week since that is part of my special present for him." I said his face light up the moment I said that .ah man I loved that part of my surprises ,speaking of surprises he always liked my surprises . anyway , " what? what? what's my gift ?" he asked like a little kid " I'm not gonna tell you , but what I am gonna tell you is that I'm gonna be your girlfriend for the week ,is that OK " his face lit up even more than I thought imaginable after I said that and then he said " OK? OK? of course it's OK , I would be honored to have you as a girlfriend for a week  , but what are you planning ?" " thanks and I'm not gonna tell you" I said smiling slightly . I got up on my tiptoes and kissed him and while walking inside I turned around and said "And Lou happy birthday and merry Christmas" winking at him then walking inside  as I turned around I saw a look of surprise on their faces and a sly smile on Lou's face but I also saw some thing different besides shock and that was either jealousy or anger and I enjoyed both all the same that should teach harry what exactly he lost and that he will regret what he did forever 


sorry for the short chapters but this is my first story/movella ever so bear with me its gonna get better I promise and thanks for the views guys


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