Picture Perfect

17 year old A.J wants to be a star but is too scared to try out for anything but on her 18th birthday she decides to break out of her shell and move to london england with her best friend lucy her friend forces her to try out for the x-factor and she makes it and becomes the biggist star the world has ever known with her best friend as her manager . everyone thinks she's perfect picture perfect but is she? she has a secret no one knows even her family .her fans love her the girls want to be her and the guys want to date her but what happens when her over protective parents and nosy little brother come to visit and don't know she's a star? will they ruin her career ? will they find out about her secrets? what is her secret? read to find out:)


8. car ride part 2


A.J's P.O.V It was Cody Simpson THE CODY SIMPSON & he was staring at us . he looked at me and waved I smiled and waved back . " WHAT WAS THAT ?!?!?!?!?" she screamed at my face "that was nothing he is one of my friends and was just waving" I told her "no that was not nothing , that was not just waving ,that was a flirty wave and I saw him waving his phone at you meaning that you should text him AND he was practically drooling over you!!!!!!!!! " she explained exitedly "no he was not drooling , no that was not a flirty wave ,and i will text him just not when you're around so I can have some privacy, and before you ask no I don't like him that way he is one of my friends " i replied back "and exactly how did you and THE CODY SIMPSON become friends and why don't I know of this ? wait don't answer that . your dad eh? " she asked "yep" i replied rolling the p .  so while she was ranting on on who she is exited to meet or who might be there . but i wouldn't  be surprised if Taylor swift was there since she is harry's girl and all . i started texting  Lou  text  conversation: me: heeey girl heeey  Lou: heeey girl heeey   me: can't wait to see you and the guys  lou :me too weel can't wait to meet you and your dreind not the guys since the're here and already goofing off me : LOL!!!! i know how they can be and how you can be but you gotta love them right? lou: right but speaking of looooooove got anyone in mind? me : maybe ? lou: ohhhhhh who? who? me: lou I'm not gonna tell you you'll just go and tell him  lou no I won't  me: well lou I gotta go we're almost there and I have to prepare luce for what she is about to see lou : fine but this is not over . I will not give up until I know who it is  me: I know lou now bye lou: bye  I looked up smiling and rolled my eyes . and when I looked up I opened my mouth to speak when lucy screamed a heart stopping scream
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