Base or Ball

Two boys (Dexter & Jhonny) and there freinds (Fred and Danny) all go on an adventure to rock out,flip out and laugh out but will there eveil RE teacher stop them? Will there enemy ,Dennis, try and stop there career? Find out in Base Or Ball.


2. The News

One ordinary day in Dexters house Dexters mum walked up to him and screamed "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE IM KICKING YOU OUT NOW GO LIVE WITH JOHNNY!"

"Yay"said Dexter and he ran out of the door...well thats that done with... Anyhow that wasn`t the news I was talkng about you`ll have to wait for that. In Johnnys household Dexter had just arrived. Johnnys mum was out and his dad was at work. They had the place to themselves. Dexter went to grab a packet of crisps (if your american then it`s chips) each and they turned on Spongebob when suddenly an important news flash cam up and said:

"Are you talented and do you want to go to America?" "Then your in luck because this news flash is all about the competion held in london with events of all talents like: baseball, band playing, taching, nerdest person in britian skiing and so on ther is many events to choose from so come a long now amnd win a trip to America!" "Phew im out of breath now!" muttered the news reporter. Johnny and Dexter looked at each other and at the same time they both said "Let`s do it!"

So the next day they told Johnnys mum and she funnily enogh aloud them to go. So they drove of to london wich was only half an hour an away.At the event there were judges who looked at the events and wrote down who they thought were the best and put there slip in a box. The event Dexter entered was band playing wich was next. One problem was that his band wasn`t with him so he quickly knicked domeones phone and called them and just as there event started they got there. Running like mad the band made there way up to the big stage. the band introduced themselves and told the judges how long the have been playing together then came the song. They sung and played as good as the could in front of the billions of people in the croud. When they finished the judges wrote down there scores and asked for the next band. "The band winner must go straight to there parent or  guardian to be taken to the airport and will be given a badge to shoew they one." anounced the judge "And the winner for the best band is......................................... `Fantasy Rox`!" (Dexters band) Dexter and his mates where screaming like crazy and they ran to Johnny`s mum and waited for the baseball the second to last event so after all the other events Johnnys team were on against the other competeters now your probbaly guessing that Johnny wins if you are then you are corect because he does so they all pack in Miranda`s car (Johnny`s mum is called Miranda) " I wonder what the last event was."Said Fred
 " I really don`t know." said Danny.

But I know. I`ts a teaching event and remember Miss Wafflon well......

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