Base or Ball

Two boys (Dexter & Jhonny) and there freinds (Fred and Danny) all go on an adventure to rock out,flip out and laugh out but will there eveil RE teacher stop them? Will there enemy ,Dennis, try and stop there career? Find out in Base Or Ball.


3. The flight and the argument.

When the boys were successfuly on the plane to America they all decided to do something but they didn`t know what so they played I spy. Half an hour later it was Dexters 12th turn "I spy with my Little eye..." "Don`t you mean fat eye!" interupted Fred smiling Dexter, not looking very impressed, carried on playin the game. "...Something.....brown !" "Is it Danny`s hair FOR THE 12TH TIME" answered Johnny "Wow your good at this game!" said Dexter. Bored like hell the boys allmost fell asleep. 3 hours later the boys had landed

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