Base or Ball

Two boys (Dexter & Jhonny) and there freinds (Fred and Danny) all go on an adventure to rock out,flip out and laugh out but will there eveil RE teacher stop them? Will there enemy ,Dennis, try and stop there career? Find out in Base Or Ball.


1. Meet the boys!

Hi, consindering you have decided to open this page then I might as well tell you who the people im gonna be talking about are.

So, meet Dexter, the fun ,energergetic, loved by all boy. Dexter plays the bass in a band called `Fantasy Rox!`with his mates Danny, Billy & Arthur. He lives in England with his mum who hates him so much he can go off on his own as long as he gets out of his mums face. So in other words he lives with Johnny and his epic-ish family.

Johnny is a kind, fun, average boy who is loved by no girls what so ever and has never had a girlfreind in his whole life. Johnny is in a baseball team called the `The Red Monsters!` he is in the team with his freinds Fred, Kieran, Benny, Craig, Lucas, Josh, George & Alex it`s quite big isn`t it.Johnny lives well you know were Dexter lives!

Now for the evil GRETAL!! Dum Dum Dummmmmmmmmm! Gretal, or Miss.Wafflon,wich suits her perfectly considering all she ever does is waffle on about Hindus and Muslims and what they beleive and don`t and she hates Dexter & Johnny so that means every time she asks a question she asks them and even if they get it right they don`t beleive them and a perfect example I have: "What do christians go to on sundays Dexter?" asked Miss Wafflon     

"Church Miss" replied Dexter "Wrong,"said Miss Wafflon "Detention after school young man!"

"But..."Dexter started

"Im mean it!"said Miss Wafflon sternly. Then Dennis put his hand up and said "Is the answer church Miss?"

"Why yes it is!"she said

"But I just said that!"explaind Dexter

"Thats triple detention for YOU young man!"

See what I mean so i guess now I don`t need to explin much more now...


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