Niall Horan Imagine

This is just a niall horan imagine


1. Niall Horan Imagine

Imagine you were in a supermarket getting some food for you and your best friend's movie night and you arent looking were your going and you bump intod someone. " Oh... im so sorry i didnt see you there." " It's ok it wasnt your fault. You two ened up sitting at the park and after an hour he ask you to dinner. After your dinner date he walked you home and before you went inside he grabbed your waist and turned you around and kissed you. You two just stood there for five minutes kissin and when he pulled away he said " will you be my girlfrined?" You kissed him agian and said yes.

**Two years later**

You and niall have been dating two years and today you were going out to dinner to celebrate. When you got to the resteraunt niall was being such a gentlemen and half way between your date you got up and went to the bathrom. When you came back he was sitting them with something in his hand. You sat down adn he got on one knee and asked those four words you have been waiting to here for two years " Y/N, will you marry me?" you got ter\ary eyed and said yes and everyone in the resteraunt started clapping.

You two lived the next couple years wiht great happiness and then even more when you had two kids. You both grew old together and loved every minute of you lives.

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