Wolves Heart

Hope ya like it


2. Chapter Two

The ambulance came and whisked me away to a land of gum drops and cupcakes. Just kidding, it was actually a ER full of women in labor, kids screaming and holding an ankle/arm. I blacked out as they stabbed an IV in my arm. I stayed like that the rest of the night. As I was waking up, I heard my mom dictating the nurse on how to make a decent pot roast for her unconcious daughter.


"SHE'S AWAKE!" and I was imediatley surounded by ER doctors and my parents.

"Are you in any pain."


"Ohmigosh! You had me worried sick!" Well, this went on for about an hour before I finally screamed at the top of my lungs.

"I AM IN NO PAIN! WHEN CAN I GET OUT OF THIS PLACE!" Everyone looked at me shocked and then acted like nothing ever happened.

"Well, Miss Smith, you can be released right now and go to school, we were just making sure that your arm is okay."

"WELL you just wasted an hour asking questions, so that's an hour of education."

"WILLOW! What has gotten into you?"

"IV fluid."

"I am so sorry doctor, she has never acted like this before"

"It's okay, I can see why Willow is grouchy, but we just need you to sign the release papers and then she can go into school, if she wants to, and hour late."

"I want to go to school."

"Willow, maybe you should wait."

"I want to go to school."

"Well then, okay." And after I changed, my dad signed the release papers, and my mom gave the nurse a recipe for pot roast, we were finally on our way.

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