Wolves Heart

Hope ya like it


3. Chapter Three

I came in during math class, which embarassed me. I hate being the center of attention. Then one kid decided to lighted the mood.

"OHMIGOSH! Did you go to the hospital for that ugly thing that was on your head? Don't worry, it looks better now." A few kids started laughing, I even started laughing at myself. But one boy in particular didn't laugh. He looked guilty. Kyle. Blonde hair, brown eyes, a football player. Brown eyes......

No, a wolf is a wolf. Not a person. Wolves live here, always have. Probably just a friendly one.

"Willow! Your here! As you can see, we have a new student." Miss Robins gestured towards my old seat which now held a nerdy looking boy.

"So you can sit next to Kyle until we find you a new seat!" at the sound of his name, Kyle's head shot up from his half finished work sheet. I took my books and plopped down in the empty seat next to Kyle.

"Hey, what happened to your arm."

"A wolf jumped out of the woods when I was there."

"Oh." Then he focused rather intenslely on what xb equals. Simple. 30. Then we went to lunch, were I was questioned by more people about what happened. I looked behind me to catch Kyle staring at me and he just kept staring. Those eyes, those big, brown, eyes, were the same I had looked into just last night.

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