Wolves Heart

Hope ya like it


6. Chapter Six

All day, I was sneaking the book. It was about the wolf pack, how far it went back. Alphas, I found out, always had white fur. Something else I found out, is that werewolves were either born or scratched, and sometimes humans would give birth to werewolves, which were the most violent ones. It also had family trees of the alphas from my pack, Red Crystal. Adam, the head vampire, was the last alphas brother. Snow. It had vampire killing instructions also. (But who wouldn't die if they were stabbed in the heart with a wooden stake?)

I gave Brownie/Mark a the stink eye in class just to make fun of him. Brownie, what a crazy name. I was still sitting next to Kyle, who still seemed guilty.

"Kyle, it's okay."

"No it's not! I just destroyed your life! What if you get killed? I will never forgive myself!"

"But what if I don't?"

"You just don't get it, do you?"


"It's almost the full moon! We transform every night, but a spy has told us that the vampires are stronger than ever, and they are attacking!"

"Why are they more powerful?" I said, suddenly becoming more serious.

"We don't really know that yet."

"Meet me at the park, we can talk. Tell Brownie."

"Okay, but shouldn't we invite Tucker?"


"He is our spy."

"Okay." I turned around to face Tucker. The book mentioned shape shifters, Tucker must be one. Jeez, what is math class? Paranormal creatures meetings?

"Willow, Kyle, please stop talking. I don't care how cute Kyle is, you two need to work!"

"Yes Miss Robins.' snickers filled the class as we worked furiously on our text books.

After school, we met at the park. Mark, Kyle, and Tucker were pouring over the book. I took a pocket calender out of my bag. Today is Wensday. Full moon in two days. Friday the 13th.

"Guys, I found something." After Mark confirmed that Friday the 13ths were really bad luck, not to mention that it was a full moon, this would be when the vampires would attack.

"Wait, Tucker, why didn't you know this?"

"They just acted like I already knew. Maybe I should have read the vampire handbook..."



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