Wolves Heart

Hope ya like it


4. Chapter Four

Okay, so I know I told myself that wolves are wolves, but I am having trouble beliving that considering I am a wolf that is running through the woods. It's not a dream. Several thornes have proved that.

"It must have been a werewolf.' I thought. I ran for a good ten minutes until I came across a pack of other wolves.


"Uh, hey?"

"Are you new?"


"Well then, who scratched her?" The black wolf that I had seen last night came forward.

"Excellent work midnight. You got us a strong one."


"We needed a new alpha."

"And you think that I can be an alpha?"

"Yup. But first, I need both of you to go back to human form so you can identify eachother in the human world." I thought 'human' and then I was standing on my two legs again. Standing in front of Kyle.

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