Wolves Heart

Hope ya like it


5. Chapter Five

"Willow. I am so sorry!"

"It's okay Kyle. This is awesome!" The wolf that had greeted me had blue eyes and brown fur. He came forward and turned into the kid in math class that had decided that insulting me was the best thing to do.

"Now you know us. TRANSFORM!" and we went back into wolves.

"Now, you need a wolf name in order to be in our pack."

"How about SNOCONE!"

"No Fire." 

"What color is my fur?"

"White as snow."

"How about FrostBite?"

"That is a wonderful idea! Mine is Brownie." Then we all talked and hunted the night away.

"Sooooooo, what exactly happened to your other alpha?"

"Exploded in the battle with the vampires. Stupid Adam, I hate that guy."

"Let me guess, Adam is head vamp?"


"Well what makes you think that I can be alpha?" The sun started to rise.

"Just take this book," he handed me a old leather book. "And read it."

"Okay but what if I-" and everyone was somehow transported to their beds. The book was still in my hands.

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