Wolves Heart

Hope ya like it


11. Chapter Eleven

I wake up in a cage in the woods.

"She's awake!" and somehow I turn into my human form.

"Ahh, we have a young one. Sorry Bill, you can go home." One of the vampires says to a guy in a hood holding an ax.

"Wait, aren't you gonna kill me?"

"No, the punishment for young ones are different."

"Punishment? What have I done wrong?"

"Well for one thing, you have been listening to a spy," And then two vampire goons drag Tucker out of the shadows and throw him in my cage. He is barely awake and bloody. I check his neck for bite marks. None.

"What? Do you think that we would bite you and have a super vampire-werewolf thing?" I flip him off.

"Woah little miss, you shouldn't do that." He snaps his fingers and two other goons pull me away from Tucker and chain me up to the other side of the cage.

"What the heck is wrong with you people?"

"Well, I don't really know that, but look whose in a cage? Two dogs in a dog pound. Sadly, this isn't a no death shelter. We should get hunting, have, fun."

"If it's possible." He smirks and takes off with the rest of the vampires. Tucker starts to move.



"Here, I'll get you out." and he stretches his arm and turns the end of it into chain cutters. (He is a shape-shifter.) After my chains fall to the ground. Then he stands up with no marks on him what so ever.


"I pretended that I was hurt so they wouldn't beat me again." He turns into a bug and crawls through a opening in the cage. Back in human form, he picks the lock and we take off, hoping to get to camp in time.

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