Wolves Heart

Hope ya like it


8. Chapter Eight

Friday. You could tell who was a werewolf just by looking at how serious we all ended up being. But I picked out the vampires too because they were overly happy. Brownie had trained me well. I was coming along greatly he said. But Kyle, who was so funny and sweet, had been so sad since he pinned me earlier in the week. But I wasn't mad. I love wolves, and now that I get to be one just makes my life better. He doesn't seem to think so though.

I ate garlic bread for lunch, (Confirmed in the vampire hand book to be deadly) and took it easy in gym, just to save up all that energy. I had to walk home because my mom couldn't come and waaayyyy to many vamps on the bus. I look down when I walk, a nervous habit of mine. I don't run into stuff much, but this time I was walking and I found myself on the ground on top of a warm lump of skin and bone.

"Ouch, sorry."

"No, it's okay. I wasn't looking."

"Me either." I recognized this kid from somewhere. Brown hair, light brown eyes, uhhhh,

"JAKE!" The gym teachers son.

"Yeah, and your Willow, right?"
"Yeah." For a second I saw the slightest glint of purple in his eyes. I don't know why it was purple, but he had to be something paranormal.

"Hey, Willlow, are you a werewolf?"

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