My Last Breath (M-Factor Competition)

it was my time to shine my time to show people who i am
to explain my feelings to scream to shout till the words dry out
i was never perfect and i didn't try to be.....
its time to see if it was worth it my time to SHINE..
my last breath to my old life and time in my new one
i hope i can do it i believe in myself
its MY TIME -Rosie Jenson


1. The Spotlight

Have you ever felt like every one is waiting for you to screw up , every breath counts that was what my mum told me since i was five years old i was bullied , used and abused like forever because i liked to sing so this is my only chance to prove where i belong this is my time no strings to hold me back and no limits -5-4-3-2-1

my world felt frozen i couldn't move i CAN do this i said to myself Rosie now is your turn i was caught off gard  watching as Caroline flack introduced my name made my feel nervous like my heart skipped a beat this time i entered the stage and boy was there a lot of people in the audience i stood on my mark when Simon spoke "whats your name and how old are you" i replied " well my name is Rosie Jensen and Im eighteen and its an honor to be here im here well to prove where i belong"i replied as confidently as i could seeing the judge faces seemed impressed which was of course good the Light Dimed and the music started i looked up this is where i belong..

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