Twelve-year-old Heather Anderson is the richest, most popular girl in the seventh grade. But when Heather's home is robbed one night, the Andersons are forced to leave their life of luxury and enter an entirely different world.


14. Warmth

  Heather didn't know how to feel. Happy to have seen Trevor begging on his knees for forgiveness. Heart-broken that Trevor cheated her with Savannah.  Or sad that they have to walk back to the house. It was violently flurrying around Heather, Dustin, and Madison. Madison dug her numbing hands into her L.L Bean purple coat pockets. But Heather wasn't freezing. She wasn't numb. She was warm next to Dustin, who's arm was around her shoulders. "Nice party, eh?", Dustin lightens up the sullen mood. Heather giggles and lowers her head to hide her blushing.

  Once they were in the door,  they took off their snow-covered coats. "Hi honey!", Mrs. Anderson looked up from setting the table and smiled brightly. It was the first time Heather has ever seen her mother setting the table. "Sorry we couldn't pick you up...the roads were covered!" She pouted. Heather would usually have a tantrum, screaming about the pain and work it took, but her heart urged her to not. "It's fine," she mumbled as she wiped the bottoms of her boots on the mat. "Come on, kids, dinner's ready," Mrs. Birk gestured for them to come over to the table. A sliced ham was surrounded by lettuce and other leafy greens on a platter.  Ribbons of steam arose from the juicy meat. Heather licked her lips, "Why such a fancy, shmancy dinner?" She grinned at her parents and at Mrs. and Mr. Birk. Heather took a seat in between Dustin and Madison. She filled her plate with a piece of ham, a pile of green beans, and a mountain of pasta. Heather drizzled gravy over the steamy piece of ham. Just as she stabbed her fork in the ham, she noticed her father nod to her mother. "Um, honey, we have some exciting news for you," Mrs. Anderson blurted out. A huge smile was plastered on to her face. Heather dropped the ham and sat up, "Yes?"  She looked at Dustin and smiled.  "The police found the man who stole our furniture," her red lips curved into an excited smile. Heather just raised her eyebrows. She should of have been jumping for joy. But the only thing she thought about was leaving, and that made her sad.

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