Twelve-year-old Heather Anderson is the richest, most popular girl in the seventh grade. But when Heather's home is robbed one night, the Andersons are forced to leave their life of luxury and enter an entirely different world.


8. The Disgusting Reality

  They drove down the poorly-paved road. They still had their luxurious white Escalade. And Heather had on her new clothes, a gray coat, a flowy gray and white skirt, and white leggings. She stared out the window, at the small houses they were passing. Her mother obviously went shopping for herself too, because she had on a green, velvet dress with a pearl brooch and black heels. Mr. Anderson had on a polo and a pair of khakis with fancy loafers. She sure was happy that her parents still had some credit cards. "Here we are," Mrs. Anderson looks up from the map and points out a particularly small house. Heather's father smoothly turns into the unpaved driveway and parks the car. A woman sprints out the door, hugging a brown coat to her body. She smiles brightly when they stumble out their car and gestures for them to come into her house.

  Bob's Discount Furniture Warehouse was everywhere. Heather looked around the living room in horror. She began to take off her expensive coat when a girl around her age popped into the room. "Oh..," the woman yanked the girl closer and laid a hand on her shoulder, "This is Madison, she's my daughter." "Hi," Madison mumured. "Nice to meet you, Madison," Heather's father beamed and shook her hand enthusiastically. Her mother did the same. Heather felt a nudge on her back from her father, probably to indroduce herself. Heather looked down at the girl, disgusted. Oversized pink top, skinny jeans, and a pair of ragged Vans. "Hi," Heather swallowed that gulp in her throat and faked a smile.

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