Twelve-year-old Heather Anderson is the richest, most popular girl in the seventh grade. But when Heather's home is robbed one night, the Andersons are forced to leave their life of luxury and enter an entirely different world.


13. Just Breathe

  "You okay, Erika?", Trevor pulls away from Savannah and half-smiles. "I, Y-y,", Heather manages. She probably looks like a loser but this is an extremely serious issue. "I......what?", Trevor asks, copying her. "Nothing," Heather exhales sharply. This isn't happening. This isn't happening. Trevor shrugs and kisses Savannah again. Heather feels the anger in her gut. Madison walks away awkwardly, probably feeling the tension in the air and goes by her friends. Dustin stays there, by her side. Heather looks at him, absolutely horrified, and he looks mad. Really mad. Like how-dare-he-treat-you-like-that mad. It felt good to have someone who feels the same. A painful silence takes over. "Trev," Dustin spits out his name as if  it were a curse word, "How's Heather doing?"  Trevor's face drops. "Savannah, how about you get me some pizza?", Trevor says, nervous. "Um, okay. BRB," she strut away. Another silence. Unless they could hear the fast beat of Heather's broken heart. "Heather?", Trevor asked, still stunned, "How do you know Heather Anderson?!"  He's knid of whispering loudly, because...after all, Savannah is only like twenty feet away. "Please, everyone knows her," Dustin rolls his brown eyes a little too dramatically. It felt weird for Heather for them to talk about her when she's standing right there. Trevor ran a hand throught his long, dirty blond hair. "You. Are. Cheating. On. Heather," Dustin says as clear as day. It's all so true but she still couldn't believe it. "Ummm, not exactly...," Trevor murmurs. Dustin widens his eyes and gestures to Savannah, who was slapping a greasy slice of pizza on a paper plate. She started to walk back to them, plate in hand, smile on face. So clueless. Heather felt the heat starting to rise and fanned her face with her leather wallet. Dustin pat her back and smiled reassuringly. It made her feel good. Dustin then faced Trevor and sneered, "Something you'd like to tell your lovely girlfriend, Trevor?" Dustin cocked his head. Heather actually giggled. "Ummm, I,uhhh," Trevor flinched with every stutter. "What, Trev?", Savannah frowned and widened her sea-blue eyes. Trevor continuously looked at Savannah, then Dustin, Savannah, then Dustin... Heather actually felt pretty bad for him. She was angry with him but she didn't want to hate him. Heather broke the silence, "Trevor just wanted to tell you how beautiful you look," she smiled. Trevor nodded slowly, "Yep, that's what I wanted to say," he thanked "Erika" with his piercing green eyes. "Awwww, thanks," Savannah shoved the plate in his shaking hands and kissed him on the cheek. Heather realized that that was the only time she had ever seen him blush. Dustin's jaw dropped and she gave him a don't-worry-i-got-this look. Suddenly, "Payphone" started to play. Savannah dug around in her tan fringe clutch until she pulled out an iPhone5. "Hullo? Really? Ugh, fine I'm on my way," She rolled her blue eyes and tapped the "end' button, "Sorry, Trev. My mom's bugging me, I GTG ASAP," she hugged Trevor quickly and waved to Heather and Dustin. Heather felt MUCH better when that door closed behind her. "Thanks, Erika. I owe you," Trevor says as he stuffed the pointy part of the pizza in his mouth. "Pleeeaaasse," she exchanged glances with Dustin and smirked, "Call me Heather Anderson."

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