Twelve-year-old Heather Anderson is the richest, most popular girl in the seventh grade. But when Heather's home is robbed one night, the Andersons are forced to leave their life of luxury and enter an entirely different world.


9. Dungeon

  "Madison, why don't you show Heather your room? After all, that's where she'll be staying", the woman, Mrs. Nichols, looked at Madison with great enthusiasm. "Sure...c'mon," Madison smiled brightly and swiftly turned on the heel of her ugly Vans. Heather shot her mother a panicked glance. Mrs. Anderson simply shooed Heather away. Heather grimaced, grabbed her two Coach suitcases, and stomped behind Madison.

 There was a daybed under a window. A pink and purple, zebra-striped bed spread was tucked neatly into the perimeter of the mattress. A mountain of neon pillows were piled at the left of the bed and the walls were plastered with One Direction posters. A lousy blow-up bed was at the corner of the room, waiting for her. "Nice room," Heather muttered under her breath. She dropped her suitcases, which were a couple of her presents. No canopy beds, white leather loveseats, or a fifty-four inch flat screen. Madison plopped on her bed and squeezed a neon blue pillow to her stomach. " where you will be staying for now," she gestured around herself. "Okay, thanks," Heather forced a painful smile, "I'll unpack now," she then laid the biggest suitcase on its back and unzipped it. Madison eyed the neat pile of designer clothes in the suitcase and exclaimed,"Wow you have a lot of nice clothes for someone who was just robbed of everything in their home." Madison beamed innocently. Heather tightened her jaw and said through her teeth, "Thanks." 

  Heather folded the very last of her Versaci blouses and put it into the drawer. She zipped up her suitcases and put them near the bright green wall. Madison lounged on her bed, reading a Tiger Beat magazine. Heather glanced at her white Rolex quickly. 6:24. Might as well get ready for bed, her brain urged her, because she had nothing better to do. She opened the wood dresser and pulled out silk pajamas, one of her many unexpected presents. "Um ex-cuh-use me? Madison?", Heather hollared. Madison lowered the magazine that she was so engrossed in and raised her pale blond eyebrows. "Can I get changed in here?" Heather asked with a pushy tone. "Um, sure," she rolled of her bed and walked out of the bedroom. "Thanks,"Heather says under her breath when Madison closed the door gently.

  After brushing her hair thouroughly, Heather washes her face with Dove soap and a steamy washcloth. It felt actually pretty good to rub off the concealer and blush (presents). A loud knock startled her. "WHAT?", Heather rolled her eyes and faced the door. Another knock. She groaned and stomped to the door. She unlocked it and opened the door in a nasty, annoyed manner. A. Boy. She just acted like a brat in front of a boy. And not just any boy, a CUTE boy with long black hair and brown eyes. "Uhhh, sorry," he smiled sheepishly, "I just needed the toothpaste." Heather blushed and stepped out of the way. "Thannnkkkss," he said and breezed by and grabbed the toothpaste. On his way out, he paused to look at Heather. He cocked his head in a goofy/cute fashion. He narrowed his big, brown eyes. "What?", Heather pressed. Did she have something in her teeth? Was her hair frizzy?  "I know you...," he tapped his chin, "Ohhh yeah." He chuckled. How could he know her? "WHAT?", Heather asked throught her teeth. "My friend, Trevor, you're his uh...girlfriend, right?" he asked, hesitating on the word girlfriend. "You know Trevor?!", Heather panicked. Her forehead started to sweat. "Yeah, he's on my football team," the boy's eyes were warm and twinkled in the light. Heather stopped to recalled the days where she would cheer on Trevor in his football games. And then she went a little crazy.  OH NO. Trevor's gonna find out that I'm living with other people because we were robbed. He's gonna find out. No boyfriend. No date to the New Year's Dance. No L-I-F-E!!, a million horrible thoughts made Heather feel light-headed. "You okay.. Heather, right?", concern darkened his lovely, brown eyes. "Uh-huh...I'm just gonna go to bed," Heather answered. On her way out, The boy stuck out his hand and said with a genuine smile, "Dustin, by the way." Heather blushed and shook his hand, "G'night."  She strolled out of the bathroom, jumping inside. "You know...," Dustin mumbled as lowered his head, "I'm really sorry about what happened, it must be a huge change for you..."  Heather bit her bottom lip, "Well I'm not afraid of change, I lost something good...," she smiled shyly at the ground, "But I got something much better."

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