Twelve-year-old Heather Anderson is the richest, most popular girl in the seventh grade. But when Heather's home is robbed one night, the Andersons are forced to leave their life of luxury and enter an entirely different world.


12. Disguise

 Usually Heather wears lots of makeup and designer clothes every girl wants to keep her popularity under control. Now...she's wearing NO makeup and Old Navy clothes to do the same.  "So why did you want to wear my clothes?", Madison questions Heather as she rings the doorbell. "Uhhhh, cuzzz...I," Heather stutters. Why? So that Trevor doesn't know I'm myself and that I was robbed and that I'm living with you poor people!!!  " 'Cause you want to know me better?", Madison widens her green eyes with pure hope. "Whateves," Heather checks her manicure. She wanted to sound cool in front of Dustin, who was behind them. A blond girl opens the door and squeals, "MADDY!"  The two hug and jump around. Heather rolls her eyes. "Who's this?", the girl pulls away and cocks her head. "Heather An-....," Madison says. "Annnnsworth!", Heather finishes then fakes a smile. She jerks her head to face Dustin, who crinkles his eyebrows, then to Madison, who's mouth hung open. "Nice to meet you, Heather Annnnsworth! Come on in!", the girl in the house gestures for them to come in. Heather smiles and steps in, Madison and Dustin follow. "What was that?", Madison asks when she starts to take off her L.L. Bean purple coat. "Nothing, just don't tell anyone my last name," Heather snaps. "You, too," she points at Dustin and he raises his hands like he surrenders. She blushes and giggles. "Dust, my man!", a boy calls from behind. Heather cringes. She recognized his voice. Trevor walks up to Dustin and grabs his hand and does that annoying boy-hug thing. He swings his arm around Dustin's neck and he stares me down. "And who is this?", he smirks at Heather. But she didn't blush. She actually found it kind of..annoying. "This is....Erika, um, Simmons, she's my sister's friend," Dustin literally saved Heather's life. He winked at her and she blushed ferociously.  "Erica, eh?", Trevor looked into the depths of Heather's soul, " just look sooo...familiar," Trevor narrows his green eyes, "Whatever." There is a long, painful silence. Thankfully, Trevor fills it in, "Hey, Savannah! Come over here!"  Who's Savannah?!  A tall girl with ebony locks that fell into effortless curls and blue eyes that sparkled like seaglass walked over to Trevor. She was deeply-tanned and was wearing a turquoise dress and tan heels with fringe. He wrapped his muscular arms around her thin waist and kissed her. Dustin's jaw dropped and he looked at Heather with wide, clueless eyes. Her mind started to flood with a million thoughts. Her heart rate continued its swift beat.  Buh-bum. Buh-bum. Buh-bum.

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