Twelve-year-old Heather Anderson is the richest, most popular girl in the seventh grade. But when Heather's home is robbed one night, the Andersons are forced to leave their life of luxury and enter an entirely different world.


1. Adored

   Heather Anderson slams the shiny white door behind her. Heather waves as the luxurious white car drives away. It blends in with the frosty, white landscape. The freezing gusts of wind slaps her in the face. Heather scurries to the entrance of Southwood Academy, pulling her cashmere scarf over her nose and ears. Flurries of snow fly around, disappearing once they land on Heather's skin. She grabs the cold, metal handles and tugs the door open. The heater above door in the inside of the school thaws Heather's frosty, bare hands. She begins to take off her tan, faux-fur coat then stops to admire the green, red, and gold tinsel draped aross the walls.  She inhales deeply the scent of warm cinnimon and roasted chestnuts. A sea of students parts in the middle for Heather to walk through and she struts down the "aisle" with a smug expression on her pimple-free face. "Love you hair today, Heather!"   "Love the boots, Heather!"   "Is that shirt Ralph Lauren?"  The compliments come from every direction. Without answering or thanking anyone, Heather sashays through the adoring crowd. A familiar girl stands at the end, her thin arms crossed over her chest. "Maria!" Heather shrieks and air-hugs her BFF. She quickly reviews Maria's outfit. Light blue button down, silver blazer, super skinny jeans, and cheetah-print ankle boots. "Rate me!", Maria twirls around, her bangles clanging together on her thin wrist. "Eight point five!", Heather exclaims. "What about me?", Heather puts one hand on her hip. "Hmmm," Maria's silver fingernail shimmered as she taps her chin, "Heart the sparkly, white ruffle top. Love the light-wash skinny jeans. And the Coach shoes are fab. NINE!", Maria shrieks. Her deeply-tanned hand reaches for her dangling, diamond earrings, "Love these!" Heather smiles back in return. The two friends hook arms and head for their first class, History. On their way, a boy with brown hair and emerald eyes stops them. "Trevor!", Heather hugs her boyfriend and continues walking. He wraps his muscular arm around Heather's waist and walks with them. People stare at the cute couple with envy. With a gorgeous friend and a dreamy boyfriend at her side, Heather strut down that hallway with a smug half-smile

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